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A Higher Level?

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Ever seen the movie “The Last Star Fighter” where there was a galaxy wide “talent search” going on? Does anyone remember how the talent was discovered?


Thru a game!


Well games really are one of the ways being used to locate “talent,” only the search has been narrowed to planet earth, and the “talent” being sought are those who are receptive to dialog with demons.


In the Dungeons and Dragons game “How To Become A God,” ascendants are taught how to go to higher levels  (the highest level being, of course, becoming a god—sound familiar?). But, who is doing the searching, and why are the players are called “ascendants?”


When we go exploring in the “real world,” we don’t have to look far to find myriads of folks aspiring to ascend to a higher level.


And who are they turning to for instruction on how to achieve this? Why, the ascended masters of course!


Who are the ascended masters? According to occult new age teaching, they are a hierarchy of spiritual beings who, through many lifetimes on earth, “were able to heal all parts of their personalities that were not in alignment with the love vibration.”


The ascended masters teach ascendants how to live in harmony and peace with one another and how to ascend to higher levels—and ultimately, like them, become gods.


In the 1950’s, Abraham Maslow brought the occultic, new age concept of higher levels into acceptance with mainstream psychology through his “Hierarchy of Needs” theory. 


Maslow presented a hierarchy of human needs based on two groupings (deficiency and growth). The concept being that each lower need must be met before moving on to the next higher level.


Has this higher level thing caught on? Only too well. Type the words higher level into your internet search box and see how many listings pop up (in every area of life!)


What about the church? Has this New Age concept of ascending to higher levels invaded the church?


I haven't been able to get away from it in Christian circles. Recently, a sister was praying for me, and I was not at all surprised to hear her praying that God would take me and my ministry to a…you guessed it—higher level.


I know she meant, “bless her Lord,” and I bless her for that, but it vexes me to no end that I cannot seem to walk into any Christian gathering without hearing someone refer to higher levels.


As a Christian who strives to keep myself “separated” (as in, “be ye separate saith the Lord) as much as possible, I am very careful as to what I allow myself to come into contact with via media sources or otherwise. Since I was originally exposed to the concept of higher levels in the church, I could not understand why those two little words vexed me so, until I decided to do some research on it.


This article is the first result of that research. I’m sure there will be more to come, but as for this small offering, I hope it has given some unsuspecting Christian who has been praying for a spiritual promotion to a higher level... food for thought.

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