Why Did Jesus Have to Die on a "CROSS?"

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die on a "CROSS?"
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Q. Why was a "cross" chosen for Jesus to die on? It was a horribly cruel death. I understand a sacrifice was needed. Blood had to be spilled (for without the shedding of blood there is no remission...), but did his sacrificial death have to be so awful?

A. When the Bible speaks of the "cross of Christ," it is referring to the atoning work done there—not to the symbol itself.

The "cross" was chosen for a very specific reason.

The symbol of the "cross," is an occult symbol... representing the ultimate sin—the conjunction (meeting or mingling) of opposites--In the case of the cross, it represents the meeting of good and evil.

The symbol of the "cross" is one of the oldest symbols in existence. Since antiquity it has enjoyed widespread acceptance by false religions and the occult.

The cross symbolizes the conjunction of opposites, and that relates directly to the knowledge of good and evil which Satan tempted the first couple with (and with which he successfully caused the downfall of an entire  human race).

The symbol of the "cross" is in direct opposition to a holy God who never mingles good and evil.

God told the couple, "you are safe as long as you obey one single command (which will keep you completely ignorant of evil as well—other than the simple fact that it exists).

The serpent lied to the couple saying, "if you acquire the knowledge of evil as well as good (mingle the good with the bad), that will make you whole—you will then be like God)."

God says, "do not mingle the good with the evil—be ye separate."

The symbol of the "cross" has always been the ultimate symbol of the mingling, the conjoining of, the conjunction of (where good and evil meet i.e, the tree) opposites.

The “cross” symbolizes the lie that the knowledge of "both" good and evil are necessary in order to achieve ultimate oneness or wholeness. That is why Jesus had to die on a cross.

He completely atoned for sin by paying the ultimate price for sin upon the ultimate symbol of sin—the cross.

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