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Let's begin this part of the study by defining the word "Powers." It's mind blowing.
The Greek word translated powers has a variety of interesting meanings, and I see no reason why all or most of them could not be applied to the foe Paul describes, in Ephesians, as "Powers."
The word is derived from a family of words that denote  "right"-- as in privilege.  
The word also has a "public" connotation (we see that in its use throughout the New Testament in reference to public officials).
"Token of Control and Potentate" are found in the list of meanings along with Ability and competency.
When "mastery, force, superhuman, freedom and influence," are added to the above, a frightening picture is emerges.
Are the scriptures really telling us that we are expected to stand against a superhuman being who is very  privileged and has the right and freedom to (along with amazing ability and competency)  to control through influence, mastery and force?
Are we beginning to see how important it is to be trained in, and become skillful in the art of, spiritual warfare?
We are promised in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 that we have weapons that are mighty through God....

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