Forsaking All...

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Without Reservation

Would you like to be able to say with Peter,
"behold, we have forsaken all and followed thee...."
If your answer is yes, and you have already asked Jesus (the risen Son of God) to give you eterrnal life based on faith in his shed blood, then prayerfully follow and read all links you find at the end of this article.  
If you are not certain you have eternal life, go to the "Without Reservation" link at the top of this article--read that page first--If you choose to accept Jesus, return to this page).
Then follow all the links in the order they are given.
Before proceeding, be aware that, if you have been participating in any spiritual activities that do not center around Jesus Christ, there are most likely powerful spiritual entities that will resist, with all their might, you receiving the truth contained in this section.
You will feel their resistance (and even anger) as if it were your own.
It is not your own--it is theirs
These entities have most likely controlled this territory (your life) for many years and will greatly resist being displaced.
But Jesus is the greater one, so do not allow fear or negative emotions to hinder your progress in him.
Before going any further, stop, and pray right now for God's protection and assistance in completing this section.
In the Name of Jesus bind every spirit that would try to hinder you from acquiring this knowledge and the freedom that comes with it.
Warning: Do not attempt this if you do not belong to Jesus!
(see Acts 19:13-17).
Bind:  anger, confusion, sleepiness (that's a favorite ploy) and any other hindrance or manifestation you feel may be coming against you.
In an attempt to intimidate you, these spirits may manifest visibly or audibly--if they do, command them to leave immediately in Jesus Name (if you are not comfortable doing this alone--find someone you know is saved and ask them to pray with you).
Then, with all of Heaven with you, proceed
Follow the links...
And Get Free!



Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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