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Christian Yoga?

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Tantra, sometimes called Kundalini Yoga, is the worship of God as the Divine Mother; (for those who are femininely inclined) it stresses the union of the male and female aspects of the individual, to awake the Snake.

Tantra's most important and unique characteristic is its use of sexual imagery to portray enlightenment, the return to Oneness beyond duality of life.

When Kundalini has been awakened, as a result of secret yogic techniques, she rises through the chakras of the spine slithering like a snake upward to reunion with Shiva at the crown of the head.

When god and goddess unite in sexual embrace, enlightenment occurs, illusion vanishes, and there is only One.

This rising Kundalini flow also causes one to go into an altered state of consciousness, as the heart chakra opens. This can be one of the most dangerous practices in yoga and is not to be underestimated in its ability to harm.

Connected with the Kundalini practice is an elaborate occult system that sees the human body as integrated to within and without. The occultists world view is summed up by the statement as “within so without.” The Beatles sang a song influenced by the Maharishi “life flows within you an without you.”

Yogis have the ability to slow down their breathing surviving on almost no oxygen and to remain motionless for hours, thus freeing themselves from the supposed “illusion” of this life.

Yoga -- Not A Religion?

“The time for secret sacred teachings is past;

now is the time for such spiritual information to be taught, understood & practiced by all”

Darryl O’Keeffe

 “As we attempt to shift our consciousness into an Aquarian mode of pluralist, inclusive and universally compassionate heartspace, the re-emergence of Kundalini Yoga represents an invaluable and authentic source of transformation for all”

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa

 "Hmmm... sounds spiritual to me... it also sounds as if a secret agenda has been brought out of the closet."

Jocelyn Andersen

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Are you allowing your child to be exposed to demonic influence through yoga or martial arts?

Child Yoga Class 
Each class begins with basic asana poses.
There will be stories & readings about Krishna & his antics. Everyone will color images of his adventures. Krishna & his mother....

Author -- Shakta Kaur Khalsa
The author of this book (see Kundalini Yoga-left) designed program for children (below)

Parents You May Want To Check This Out
Radiant Child Yoga Program

The RCYP courses have qualified as CEUs for Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP) is a certificate program for teaching yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and all others who are interested in learning how to teach children yoga.

The RCYP courses have qualified as CEUs for public school systems, and as credit hours for RYT certification through Yoga Alliance.

RCYP, was developed by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, whose vision of sharing the benefits of yoga with children all around the world was the creative spark that initiated the program.

I have involved myself and my children in yoga or martial arts--what do I do?

Points Of Contact That May Be In Your Life

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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