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All cultures struggle with Jesus
Jesus was not white, yet white people have pictures of a caucasian Jesus hanging on their walls. He was not black, yet we see paintings of a black Jesus. Asians have images of an asian Jesus.
We all want to transform him into our own image. We are so sinful. 
Messianic Jews claim we cannot understand the Word of God outside of Jewish culture--that is absolutely ludicrous--yet so many buy into it.
They forget their culture grew out of contact with the Word of God--The Word of God did not come into being out of contact with their culture.
Truth (Jesus is the Truth) was before all cultures and will still be standing when all cultures, as they stand today, crumble into dust.
Truth transcends all cultures and transforms those who love him into a brand new culture which this world has no comprehension of.
Old things are passed away...  All things are become new.... WEBSITE

Without Reservation Story Teller
Native Americans Tell Their Stories--click here to listen


Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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