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The Validity of all Scripture comes from fulfilled Prophecy
Matthew 1:22, 2:5


The Wise Men Didn't Follow The Star To Jerusalem
They were astrologers who saw the star in the East--deduced (had to be with the help of God) that the star had to do with a great King being born to the Jews--then they went to the place where any great King of the Jews would naturally be born--Jerusalem.
When they arrived, there was no doubt in the mind of Herod this King had to be Messiah, so the prophets were consulted as to his birthplace--which, of course, was Bethlehem.
The astrologers headed for Bethlehem and, much to their delight,  the star re-appeared and led them directly to the child's home.
It is interesting that the emergency sojourn to Egypt, by Joseph and Mary, was not only financed by the wise-men but also precipitated by their visit....


Journal Entry December 5, 2005

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