Journal Entry December 14, 2005

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Today's "On Track" Reading Begins At
Matthew 9:15
(Yesterday's reading did not get skipped--only the journal--we were moving, and the PC was disconnected.)


When Jesus walked down the road, some saw a former carpenter, some saw a homeless man with a gaggle of followers stringing along behind him.
Some, like Andrew, saw the Messiah, but when devils saw him--they would instantly cry out in fear.
What was it they were seeing that produced such a reaction?
I believe they saw what Peter and James only got a brief glimpse of, on the mount of transfiguration, before they also prostrated themselves in fear.
When devils saw Jesus coming, they would cry out in fear, because they saw him as he was. 
They would see a brilliant light moving towards them,
and they knew it was the
"King of Glory". 
When Have You Seen The
King of Glory?
The scriptures say that we will see him as he is when he comes again, but must we wait for Jesus' appearing before we are permitted to see the "King of Glory"?
I don't think so.
If we refuse to let our vision be blinded by our sight... we can see the King of Glory now.
I caught my second glimpse of the King of Glory on a Sunday morning, in 1981, when I was determined to reject him forever, and his brilliance drew a cry from me that reached to Heaven and changed the course of my life.
But did I see the King of Glory standing at my front door a few months before that, when a woman named, Ruth Young, stood there speaking the most mportant words anyone had ever been spoken to me in my life (since the day I first gave my life to Jesus)?
No, I didn't...
But he was there.
How do I know that? Because what she said to me, that day, had the most transforming effect on my life, of any words I have heard either before or since.
I saw the King of Glory when I moved into the home I am sitting in this morning writing this journal entry, but I missed his glory completely when he moved us into the tiny place across the street a year ago (that we just moved out of).
I did not see his glory then, when I broke down in sinful tears of dispair and discontent at the home I knew God had placed me in.
It was unattractive inside and quite shabby looking outside.
it was so tiny, it was cramped if we had even two extra people inside besides ourselves--it was cramped even with just ourselves. 
"You live here?!" One woman blurted out before she caught herself.
It was leaky and difficult to cool in the summer, and leaky and impossible to heat in the winter (even in Central Florida, we couldn't warm the place up when the temperatures dropped).
Almost everyone who came to visit us, while we lived there, had difficulty hiding their dismay at the place we called home. 
We were continually finding ourselves in the position of defending our choice of a home and reiterating to friends that we were not budging until God said to--period.
We know now that it was only because we obediently moved into that tiny, unattractive, run-down place (in an otherwise beautiful setting on a lovely lake), that we are in the home that is so perfect for us today.
The King of Glory knew what we needed, and he knew how he wanted to give it to us.
But I must confess, I didn't catch so much as a glimpse  of him that first day we pulled into the driveway (of the shabbiest home in the park), and my stomach sank, because I knew this was the place our Lord and Master wanted us to move into.
Have There Been Times You Too,
Have Missed the King of Glory?

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