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Should We Be Concerned With
Offending Hypocrits?
Jesus wasn't.
In fact when he publically called some religious leaders "hypocrits," then elaborated on it to the crowd.
His disciples were concerned that he had offended them (the hypocrits) without realizing it.
Jesus replied that offending hypocrits was a non-issue, and further more, if they diplomatically allowed hypocrits to have their say (and their way), then not only the blind hypocrits would fall into the ditch (hell) but those who followed them as well.

Irreversible Decisions

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Irreversible Decisions
Watch Out For the Gibeonites!
Joshua was no dummy, but he fell for trick and found himself stuck with an irreversible decision, because he failed to stop and pray about something that looked obvious.
What was there to pray about? A group of fellows, who had obviously travelled a great distance, presented themselves to Joshua and asked for a treaty.
Since he could clearly see they weren't close neighbors (tattered clothes, moldy bread etc.), there was no problem treating with them.
But there was a problem. These people weren't weary travelers at all. They were close neighbors, and Israel had been commanded to "make no treaty" with the inhabitants of the land God had given them.
Once the treaty was made, it could not be unmade, and Joshua and all Israel was stuck with the consequences of it.
For the simple reason that...
Joshua did not stop and pray

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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