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O Lord
Correct Me?
Do we really want to say that?
Jeremiah did (10:24). But he qualified it by adding "with judgment--not anger."
Jeremiah understood the correction of the Lord would bring relief from sin induced  adversity (Psalm 94:12-13).


Who Is Our Healer?
The scriptures say Jesus is...
So why is it many only turn to him for healing
when all other methods and hope have been exhausted?
"They... brought unto him all who were diseased...."
Matthew 4:35-36


Why Guard Our hearts?
Both eternal life and physical health (which includes mental health) are issues of the heart.
The Bible says so.
In Proverbs 4:20-23, we are told to  pay close attention, and be obedient to,
everything that God says...
And to "guard our hearts"
(be very careful what we
allow to enter our lives
through our eye and ear
That admonition is accompanied by a promise.
The words of God, we are told, are life to all who find them (eternal life) and health to the "entirety of" our physical being.
That's quite a mouthful.
But I ask you, whose report will we believe?

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Want A Promotion?
Proverbs 4:7-8 tells us how to get one.
Start with wisdom
Then with all our getting...
Get Understanding
Promotion and honor are promised to those who follow this counsel.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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