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Micro-wave Faith
Quick fixes are in.
As little effort as possible and instant gratification are the in-things these days.
We have remote controls to operate almost anything we own, microwaves to heat our food in seconds and cook it in minutes. We have hi-speed internet that eliminates almost all waiting when we sign on or go from website to website (I find myself tapping my foot impatiently if I have to wait more than a few seconds for my computer to respond to a command).
Because of the impatience of drivers, the roads are becoming more and more hazardous.
Waiting has almost become the ultimate sin (except in Doctor's offices, but that is only because physicians are elevated to God status--by themselves and almost everyone else).
So, The roads are becoming more and more hazardous,
Due Time...?!!!
When exactly is that?
There are things that simply will never occur at the high speeds our technological society has conditioned us to expect.
Babies will not grow or mature any faster (although modern parents are doing everything in their power to transform their toddlers into miniature adult geniouses at light-speed).
There is no short-cut to growing from a baby to an adult Christian either.
Growth requires a healthy diet (the Word of God), and the experience to know how to handle the Word requires nothing less than time.
Most of us come to the Lord with baggage in one form or another (wrong ideas, unhealthy mental/emotional defenses, impaired emotional development due to attempting to deal with life's problems our way [or the way our parents taught us, or the way the popular culture teaches us--Oprah and Dr. Phil do not have all the answers you know]).
Some of us come to the Lord with physical health problems, financial difficulties, relationship or marriage problems.
God is able, even willing, to give us miracles in all these areas. That is always a possibility, and we should never--ever--rule that out.
If we truly need a miracle--ask for one.
But the probability is, that, in most things, God will allow us to work out our own deliverance (with fear and trembling--[the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom]).
Now I am not talking about self sufficiency, or the, "God helps those who help themselves", sort of thing.
I am talking about acknowledging God in all of our ways, so he can direct our paths--that means obedience to everything we understand about the Word of God (and if we don't understand much of it--to make it a priority to get understanding--Proverbs 4:7).
I am talking about "prospering our souls" (3 John 1:2).
Jesus said, "be doers of the Word and not hearers only."
When he said that, he was clarifying the fact that he is no prescriber of quick fixes.
There is no such thing as remote control, hi-speed or microwave faith. God moves fast. He travels on the wings of the wind--but faith must be developed--and that takes time.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
But if we are hearers only and not doers--don't expect faith to grow...
No matter how much time we give it.

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The Apochrypha / ``Microwave Faith

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The Apocrypha
The apocrypha is an Old Testament insertion.
Some books of the apocrypha have historical value, and as such, should be respected. Other apocryphal books are obviously ludicrous, and easily recognized as such by anyone who is intimately familiar with the Word of God.
But the big question is this, should any of the apocryphal books be included in the canon of scripture?
Jesus answered that question when he, himself, defined the canon of scripture in Luke 11:51, where he made a sweeping statement, which defined the Old Testament canon of scripture, when he told the Jews of his day that the blood of all the prophets, from Abel (Genesis) to Zacharias (2 Chronicles 24:21-22), would be required of their generation.
How does that statement define the Old Testament canon?
The book of the Law and the Prophets, that are the scriptures of the Jewish people, are not laid out the same as in the Christian Bible we are so familiar with. The Bible Jesus read, began with Genesis and ended with 2 Chronicles...
So we have, in Luke 11:51, a statement made by our Lord himself, that encompasses, and clarifies, the entirety  of the the canon of the Old Testament scriptures.... Which did not include the apocrypha. 

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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