Who Is the Greatest?

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Today's "On Track" Reading Begins At
Matthew 18:1


Who Is Greatest?
The 12 disciples had grandiose plans for themselves, and they were not at all bashful about pursuing them.
Jesus put them all in their places, however, when they approached him, one day, wanting to know who was the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven (I imagine they were hoping he would say--"why you 12 of course!").
His answer was direct and to the point.
He called a trusting little child to him, sat the child down in the midst of his disciples and said, "if you want to even enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must become as this little child.
Well, that should have set all priorities straight immediately.
Here the disciples, filled with their own self importance, because of their intimacy with The Messiah (the King), were told to stop worrying about who would be greatest in the Kingdom, and get focused on simply making it into the Kingdom.
Here we see those closest to Jesus being told, point blank, that they needed to be converted.
How many of us need to be converted?
How many of us have grandiose plans that need to be trashed?
How many of us need to become as little children?

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