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The Two Babylons by Bishop Hislop

We have been receiving quite a few emails  from people concerned that retail stores are not recognizing Christ in christmas.

Well we don't either.

Here is where we stand on it:

The word "christmas" is a composite word--created by the two words "christ" and "mass"--as in the Roman Catholic "Mass." We do not believe that Jesus ever has been in the mass, so naturally we are not concerned about whether He is or is not recognized during the christmas holiday season by retail establishments.

We do not hold to the doctrine of transubstanciation which has everything to do with the Roman Mass and what we believe to be a false and idolitrous jesus).

We cannot put Christ back in christmas, because we do not believe that Christ  was ever in the "Mass" to begin with.

December 25th has never had anything whatsoever to do with Jesus, and protestant believers in the United States would not even recognize christ-mass until about 150 years ago--it was an exclusive
Roman Catholic Holy Day that was previously a Babylonian Holy Day.

Christ-mass is nothing more than a "christianized" pagan holy day.
Below is a link to the book, "The Two Babylons," a fantastically researched work by an
Anglican Bishop who lived in the 18th century.

Be careful what you eat...

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