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Chapter 8

Why The Need For Another Version?


The average Christian believes that the first Bible to be translated into modern English (Revised Standard Version) came into being because of the “outdated, difficult to understand, archaic” English of the King James Version.


They believe the Revised Standard Version came about as a result of popular demand to have a Bible that was easier to understand than the one that had served the English speaking population so well for almost 300 years.


It almost makes sense. But is that really the case? Were people really clamoring for a new and better translation?


The next section of this book will deal with how and why the first revision of the Holy Scriptures took place.


This is not the time to stop reading. What will be revealed in the next few chapters is crucial, verifiable information. The defender of the Majority Text will be required to have answers for these questions.


We have shown the trustworthiness of the man who edited the very first “Received Text.” And there has never been any significant doubt cast on the persons or motives of any of the translators of the King James Version.


King James himself played no active part in the translation past lifting the death penalty for the undertaking and setting some very reasonable guidelines for the translators to follow—one of which was “No Footnotes.”


But what about the beliefs, morals, motives of those who promoted and edited the Egyptian/Minority texts?


How were these codices successfully edited into a text from which hundreds of versions have sprung—and, if every new versions translated from them was always the best, most accurate ever (almost all of them make that claim), why the need for new so many new ones? 


Anyone who loves and honors the Written Word of God deserves and needs to understand the answers to all of these questions.


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