Centering or Contemplative Prayer
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Centering, or contemplative prayer has nothing whatsoever to do Biblical Christianity or prayer.
It hails from the east. As in "Eastern" Mysticysm.
What those in the East call meditation. Those in the West call contemplation--and visa versa. They are one and the same.
Centering Prayer is making its rounds. And it is nothing more than eastern meditation--complete with mantra.
One psychologist called a spade a spade when he said centering prayer was nothing more than self hypnosis--and diagnosibly so (see navigation bar "Questions Jason Asks" for the low down on hypnosis).
I recently visited a christian witchery site in which lessons are given on a certain form of christian witchery (yes, I know, that is an oxymoron).
Meditation is certainly a part of christian witchery (as far as I can tell--no different from Centering/ Contemplative prayer).
The suggested mantra was, of course, something christian and holy sounding (remember, we are still talking about the Christian witchery lessons).
The ecumenical/universal "interdependence of all creation" aspect was fairly identical with the centering prayer/ Native Spiritualism as well.
In fact, I see the "interdependence of all creation" thing in every form of spiritualism I have ever researched...
With the exception of Biblical Christianity.
The Word of God warns us to avoid all forms of spiritualism that we are not instructed in (in the Word of God).
Prayer is not meditation. In fact "evangelical" forms of prayer are ridiculed by many of those promoting (inspite of their tolerant ecumenical claims) eastern meditation, centering prayer etc..
Scriptural meditation is meditating on something (see Psalms 1)--not clearing our minds and making ourselves sitting ducks for those who can't operate on this plane without using someone else's mind.
Scriptural prayer is not emptying ourselves and becoming blank slates for demons to come into and make us into their own image.
Biblical prayer is communicating with God through speaking to him, through making our requests, through interceeding for others, through praise and through thanksgiving.
When we do these things faithfully and live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God, he will certainly communicate back--but it won't be through centering prayer, transcedental meditation, yoga, labyrinth walking, pow wow dancing, ritual dancing or any other form of occult mediation.
If you are a Christian, and any of these things are in your life. You must repent of  and renounce these involvements, and any ungodly spiritual influences that may have gain access through them, in the name of Jesus.
Do not try this if you are not absolutely certain that you belong to Jesus Christ--If you do not, you have no authority to do so and are indeed at the mercy of non-benevolent powers much stronger than yourself.
You can however make certain that you do belong to Jesus, if you believe that Jesus is the risen Son of God, ask Christ to come into your life, forgive you of your sins and deliver you from the powers of darkness, sin and death--and grant you eternal life.
Then, through the power of his Holy Spirit, begin to walk, as a free person, in newness of life.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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