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Journal Entry March 17, 2006

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Today's "On Track" Bible Reading Begins At
Luke 1:1
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Watch Out!
For This Type Of Leader
"And they saw  the wonderful and amazing things Jesus did... and they were sore displeased."
What exactly were the things Jesus was doing that the religious leadership of his day objected so sorely to?
Matthew 21:14-15 tells us it was his abominable practice of healing the blind and the lame--in the temple of all places!!
And what was the real point of their objection?
I mean, does it make one bit of sense that anyone would object to the blind receiving their sight or the lame being able to walk?
The point was really this: it was someone else besides them (the leadership) doing all these wonderful things.
Their personal power and influence over their followers was threatened by this upstart who dared to walk into their place of worship (their church) in the power and anointing of God, telling the truth and setting people free. 
Haven't we have all met leaders like that?
We have all met those who refuse to rejoice when God moves--unless he is doing the moving through them.
That is sad and despicable.
These kinds of leaders always have a following of people who are oppressed in some way or another.
They raise underdeveloped, malnourished, very often physically sick and dysfunctional sheep, because their diet is sorely lacking.
And they absolutely will not allow anyone else to feed these underfed abused sheep (Jesus put it like this: "they are not entering in themselves and they are doing their best to prevent everyone else from entering in as well..."--my personal paraphrase).
It is so sad that most of the time those in their flock do not even know they are being underfed (neglected) and abused.
(There are cults that physical underfeed their followers, because they know that underfed people are weak people--the spiritual concept is no different--that is why it is so critically important for every to feed themselves--daily--from the Word of God--see footer of this page for recommended Bible reading method).
Power hungry leaders raise up disciples who are never able to function independantly of their leadership and who instinctively fear their pastor's reaction if they dare step out (in obedience to the Holy Spirit) to function independantly in any area.
These types of pastors often have an inordinate focus on "protecting the sheep."
When in reality, the only thing they are interested in protecting is their own position, power and authority.
They feign concern for their flock, but they will not hesitate to reject utterly the first one of them who bucks their authority.
In order to be accepted into one of these congregations (they love to say they are all "family"), one must fit the profile.
And the only requirement in these types of leader's "profile" is to demonstrate unquestioning faithfulness to themselves.

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