What Kind Of Fruit Is This Movement Producing?

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What Kind Of Fruit Is This Movement Producing?


The entire Prophet-Apostle movement begins by laying a false foundation and builds from there. The unscriptural premise is stated very early and very clearly on the dedication page (V) of Hamon's book.
It is here that the reader is informed that Jesus won't be "released" from heaven (to catch out his church and establish his kingdom) until the way is prepared, in advance, for him by a certain group of committed people getting down to business and first "restoring all things."
Now, I read my bible daily. I always pick up reading today where I left off yesterday. I have been doing that since 1980. For about 20 years, I met my daily goal of reading four chapters a day (in later years I have tended to engage in topical study after the 1st chapter or so). That meant that, every year, for at least 20 years, I read my entire Bible completely through at least once (and the New Testament twice).
I'll ask the reader to do the math.
That being said, I'll say this. I don't know what Bible Bill Hamon is reading, but I know what is, and is not, written in the scriptures. And no such thing as Bill Hamon wrote in the dedication of his book is contained within the pages of my Bible (oops, there I go again, aligning myself with the rebellious anti-Christ religious system).
Although the scriptures inform us as to what the general condition of the world (and the church) will be in the last days, nowhere in scripture do we read that Jesus' return is dependent on human behavior or accomplishment.
And the scriptures are clear the time for his return is an "appointed" time--decreed before-hand by the Father and known only to the Father. There is a day and there is an hour. And it has been pre-determined. Psalms 119:89 says the matter has already settled! The writer of Ecclesiastes (3:1) backs up the psalmist by telling us there is a time for every purpose under heaven.
Long before either of the above scriptures were written. The Prophet Daniel wrote that the end (which is culminated by the physical return of Jesus Christ to earth) was already an "appointed" time (Daniel 8:19).
The Father already knew both the day and the hour, and the issue, as the psalmist said, was "settled" long before Daniel ever penned those words and long before Jesus came the first time and informed us of that fact.
As for the "restoring of all things," Hamon claims this committed group of humans will accomplish, only Jesus himself can restore all things. And nowhere in scripture can we find that will be accomplished before his physical return.
The establishment of Christ's kingdom is what brings the restoration--not visa versa, and even then, we won't see total restoration until the first 1000 years has been completed  (Revelation 20:5, 7-10  1 Corinthians 15:24-25  Psalms 102:25-26   Isaiah 65:17).
New Age philosophy is as clear, in the dedication of this book, as the unscriptural foundation.
Who wouldn't want to be part of an elite group responsible for ushering in the return of the King of Kings and then to rule and reign with him?
Do I hear an objection at this point that New Agers (along with socialists) do not promote the idea of elite groups but rather equality among all men?
Don't kid yourselves. They certainly do believe that some are "more equal" than others. And it will be those who plan to be a part of the, more highly evolved, ruling elite. In all socialistic (communistic) societies, there are the "equal" masses and the "more equal" ruling elite.
So it is within the Apostolic-Prophetic movement.
To prove that, we'll take a brief look at one example of the fruit  this movement is producing. Didn't Jesus say we would know them by their fruits?
Since Bill Hamon is the "Father" of this movement, then it only stands to reason, that others who have embraced his philosophy, and are leaders in the movement today, would be considered his... fruit.
Rick Joyner, a self proclaimed American "Prophet." He is considered one of the king pins in the Apostolic-Prophetic movement. In his book The Final Quest, he teaches about how to tell who the high man or the low man on the totem--I mean--holy mountain is. 
In his book, he claims to have seen a vision of God's Holy Mountain. There were people climbing that mountain. Those who have reached the highest "levels" (New Age terminology), according to Joyner, are those who have embraced the higher levels of truth concerning the prophetic.
Those who never progress past the very lowest "levels of truth," are the "traditionalists" (the ones Hamon describes as belonging to the "anti-Christ religious system"). Joyner leaves the reader perceiving them as pitiful, un-evolved Christians who content themselves with being just soul-winners.
It's bad enough these poor growth-stunted souls will never be as "equal" as those at or near the top of Joyner's Mountain, but since these religious traditionalists will not surrender to the consensus of the group, according to Hamon they are, by default, pitted against the group--causing disunity and hindering "present truth" and the current moves of God from being accepted.
They are therefore alienated, as hindrances, from the group
And what is "present Truth?"
Anything the apostle or the prophet says.
And how do we know if the prophet or apostle is uttering truth?
We don't. 
The Bible, as the standard for  measuring truth is, of necessity, aggressively undermined by this movement.
Here some of the comments being thrown around at prophetic gatherings these days:
  • "God is a lot bigger than doctrine.
  • "The church is so hung up on Bible study, they don't know Jesus!

I ask you, where is the only place we find Jesus revealed as the risen Son of God and the only name given under heaven whereby men can be saved?

The Bible! 

And where does "doctrine" come from? The Bible. And what does the Bible have to say about sound doctrine? Give attention to it--because the days are coming when men will not endure it.

So, in light of that, what kind of fruit is being produced by the Apostolic-Prophetic movement?
Rotten I'd say.

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