Global Activation Of (and submission to) Apostolic-Prophetic Leadership?

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Global "Activation Of" and Submission To Apostolic Leadership

Just in case anyone thinks I'm making things up--things like the title of this chapter--let me refer the reader to the "Commendations" page (xvi) of Bill Hamon's book Apostles Prophets and the Coming Moves of God.
The New Age, global agenda of the Apostolic-Prophetic movement--along with their power hungry chain of command--is stated clearly there.
I personally object to more than a few items listed on their agenda.
First of all, God doesn't activate his people. He calls us. He bestows gifts on us. And if we grow cold or lukewarm, he says "stir up" (that means "re-kindle"--not the same as "activate") the gift that is in us.
I know that right here is where some will quibble that I am just splitting hairs over semantics. I assure you, that is not the case.
Ministry gifts such as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher are not given through the laying on of hands. Those are gifts and callings given by God.
Ordination takes place as an official recognition of the calling and gift that is already there (like baptism). Not to bestow or activate the gift.
In the world of the occult, the word "activation" is used with great prevalence. It has only been introduced into the Body of Christ with the advent of the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement. But since the average Christian is quite ignorant of the occult (and rightly so), the use of language associated with it, has gone largely  unnoticed within the church at large.
Psychics are falling all over themselves in their eagerness to activate your latent "spiritual" gifts. Modern day prophets and apostles are virtually no different. The similarities (in both language and activities) between the two are astounding.
The similarities between psychic activation classes and prophetic gift activation seminars leave little doubt that somebody went to the psychics first to learn how it was done... and then began implementing it within the church.
Both the psychics and the prophets claim:
  • Everyone has a "latent" gift and anyone can prophesy (or soothe-say).
  • To have your "gift" activated and operating by the end of the class or seminar.
  • You will learn how to go into a trance.
  • You will make mistakes at first, but that's Ok. (How does that jive with the scriptural warning commanding the stoning to death of any prophet who utters a false prophecy?. And no scriptural leeway--whatsoever--is given to newbies!). 
  • Meditation will help you become more skillful in your gift (improve your devotional quiet "listening" time).

The similarities with the occult do not end there.

Just as those who are involved in the occult are aware of the possibility of advancing to "higher level" through the development of their psychic gifts, those who take the apostolic-prophetic movement seriously are also obsessed with advancing to a "higher level."

Psychics also know spiritual growth (in the occult) is "progressive." That's a term very common within Apostolic-Prophetic circles (the "progressive" plan of God).

Sound familiar to anyone?

Folks, God has only one plan. And it isn't progressive. It does not evolve. His plan is for the redemption of our souls, bodies and this earth through the blood sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ.

Our souls have been saved. Our bodies will be saved at the resurrection and this earth will be completely restored at the end of the first 1000 years of Christ's reign after his physical return.

There is nothing "progressive" about any of it. We do not "progressively" get saved. We will not "progressively" get raised from the dead, and this earth will not "progressively" be made new!

The price did not "progressively" get paid, and Christ did not "progressively" get raised from the dead.

Leaders of the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement teach an unscriptural, evolutionary theory of God's Plan for redeeming the earth. 

Those in the apostolic-prophetic movement believe advancement in the "ascension" gifts is essential to moving to a higher level (they reference Ephesians 4 for this).

Serious New Age psychics are all aware of a group of beings known as the "Ascended" Masters who assist gifted ones in their spiritual advancement to "higher levels."

Is there a connection between the two?

I believe so.

I also believe the top figures in the apostolic-prophetic movements are very aware of, and in intimate contact, with these "Ascended" Masters.

I believe that is where the term "Ascension" Gifts was coined (I know full well I will be referred back to Ephesians 4--but all purveyors of false doctrine quote scripture to back themselves up). 

Those involved with the Apostolic-Prophetic movement are constantly using terms that are commonly used in the occult. Rick Joyner has been quoted as publically asking Paul Cain if he had gotten a "reading" on someone--that is a term  commonly used in psychic mind-control training. Why would any Christian be using terminolgy like that? 

Before I was a committed Christian, I would devour books by, and about, psychics such as Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce was a psychic healer who would first get a "reading" on people in order to psychicly diagnose their illness and then prescribe a remedy.

Scriptural warnings are clear that God's people are to have nothing whatsoever to do with the ways of darkness.

We only emulate what we admire. If someone is using new age/occult terminology, it must be because they are involved with and admire these forbidden things.

The term "centered" is heard throughout the church these days. this is an occult term.

Centering (or contemplative) Prayer is taught by many professing to be Christians. This is nothing but New Age, Hindu, Transcendental Meditation--mantra and all (of course the Mantra is changed to some holy sounding Christian word in order to make the activity more appealing to Christians).

"Christian" witches are also trained in Centering Prayer.

We have covered the "activation" part of this chapter's title in some detail, but what about the "Global" and "submission" parts?

Just as the New Age agenda includes those who are "more equal" than others due to their psychic advancement through the guidance of the ascended masters, those in the apostolic-prophetic movement who are the most advanced in the "ascension" gifts are the honchos.

All the rest must willingly submit to them or be regulated to the lowest level of the holy mountain (the rebellious, "anti-Christ religious system" camp--or worse).  

Both the New Agers and those in the Apostolic-Prophetic movement have global aspirations. They both freely admit they are preparing the way for a global, one world leadership.

It's interesting that those in the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement identify and consider themselves a part of "Joel's Army."

The army described in Joel 2:2-9 (not to be confused with the Lord's army mentioned in verse 11) corresponds with the army lead by The Destroyer described in Revelation 9:1-11.

It is a demon army...


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