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1. "You shall know the "Truth" and the Truth will make you free."

Since Jesus Christ claims to be the only
way truth and life, there can be no real freedom without belonging to him.

I am currently working on an online book which refutes a doctrine that has been making its rounds for a few years.

This doctrine declares there is such a thing as "Present Truth" which supercedes that which has been written in the Bible.

"Present Truth," according to its purveyors (who claim to be Christian), has nothing whatsoever to do with Biblical Truth.

In fact, those who stubbornly resist this new doctrine by clinging to scripture as their only authority, are called a number of nasty names by the leaders of  this group, including but not limited to:

  • Rebellious
  • Jealous
  • "Traditional" (as in a bad way)
  • Contentious
  • Narrow minded
  • Not open to the Holy Spirit
  • Not very spiritually developed
  • Discriminating

They have even said we to belong to the "anti-Christ religious system."

Although Jesus embodied the truth, he "was" the truth, as well as spoke the truth, He--as the Creator and Almighty God--chose to give us his written Word...

Which will endure forever...

Long after "Present Truth" has dropped its rotten fruit, dries up, and blows away as the dust.

Online Book:

Apostles Prophets & The Coming NEW AGE

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