"Biblical Insights With Personal Rhema...?"

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"Present Restored Truth...?"

The phrase "Biblical Insights [combined] with personal rhema..," is found on the commendations page (xvii) of Hamon's book.

Exactly what is personal rhema? Hamon calls it "present restored truth." And he doesn't even pretend it can all be backed up by the written Word of God. Below is a quote from from a disciple of Bill Hamon:

God is restoring truth to the Church that was lost during the Dark Ages of Church history (500-1500 A.D). The believer will understand the importance of being established in "present truth." (Prophet Quinn Mitchell from his propheticinaction website).

"Present Truth," according to its purveyors and spin offs, is revelation from God that has nothing whatsoever to do with Biblical Truth. And they are not at all ashamed of this fact. In fact, they are frequently quoted as saying, "you won't find this in the Bible, but..." 

One of the main premises (according to present truth)  of the Apostolic-Prophetic movement is that Christians should be seeking spiritual growth and be ascending to new  and higher levels in the ascension gifts(i.e., the prophetic).

Present truth, is truth that was supposedly lost to the church during the Dark Ages and is now being restored to us by those who are highly developed in these gifts.

Those who focus merely on growing in the knowledge of the Word of God and soul winning are regarded as spiritually under-developed and fairly pathetic specimens of Christianity.

And those who have ascended to "higher levels" i.e., the King Pinsof the Prophetic-Apostlolic movement have demonstrated a zero tolerance policy in regards to those who won't let go of "old religious traditions."

The "old religious traditions" they are trying to overcome and and do away with are twofold. 

The tradition of holding to the authority of scripture over prophetic utterances--"present restored truth" they call it--and the "tradition" off focusing on obedience to the scriptures and soul winning rather than being "activated" and growing in the "ascension gifts."

It seems "Present Truth" is at variance with the scriptures which endure to every generation--which means they were even available (albeit difficult for the common man to access) during the Dark Ages.

Jesus had very different priorities from those who exalt spiritual growth in the "ascension" gifts over understanding the written Word of God and over Soul Winning.

When he gave his disciples (not just the 12 he called apostles--but the seventy others as well) power over all the power of the enemy (fairly spiritually developed group I'd say--just  from hanging around Jesus and being obedient to him), he told them having all that power wasn't the most important thing.

If that wasn't so important, then what was the better thing?

Being saved! Soul winning.

They were told to rejoice because their souls were saved.

With that saying, our Lord and Savior lumped himself with the same group of pathetic, underdeveloped Christians Bill Hamon says are part of the "anti-christ religious system."

Jesus Christ uttered a statement that one the honchos of the "Five Fold Ministry Restoration" group claims is a doctrine of demons (what else could "anti-christ" mean?). 

Most people agree that a person's last words before leaving this world are usually about the things they consider most important. Well, Jesus' last words had nothing whatever to do with developing the "ascension gifts," they had to do with...

You guessed it...


The Bible says: "You shall know the "Truth" and the Truth will make you free."
But those who resist "present restored  truth" by stubbornly clinging to scripture, are called a number of nasty names by the leaders of  the Apostolic-Prophetic movement (see chapter one of Hamon's book):
  • Rebellious
  • Critical 
  • Jealous
  • "Traditional" (as in "old fogy")
  • Contentious
  • Narrow Minded 
  • Not open to the Holy Spirit
  • Not very spiritually developed
  • Discriminating
  • Belonging to the "anti-Christ religious system"

Jesus embodied the truth. He "was" the truth as well as "spoke" the truth. He--as our creator--chose to give us his written Word...

Which will endure forever.

So whose words are going to carry the most weight with us--those of Bill Hamon, Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner and their crowd (who pooh-pooh, ridicule and viciously stereotype dedicated, Bible believing soul winners)...

Or the last words of Jesus Christ before he left this earth?

Long after "Present Restored Truth" has dropped its rotten fruit, dried up, and like the dust, blows completely away, that which has been written, will endure.

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