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It is important to understand that the primary spirits working through the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement are spirits of witchcraft, divination and a spirit of whoredom. These must be sincerely and prayerfully rebuked and renounced by the authority of Jesus Christ.

Then all reading material, objects (gold dust, gemstones, etc.) media (tapes/CDs--including music associated with movement), must be renounced and gotten rid of immediately. 

If you have been "activated," deliverance from spirits of witchcraft, divination and whoredom (at the very least) will be needed. And as already stated, you need to be willing to give up any souveniers from demons you may have turned into jewelry or other keepsakes (gemstones/gold dust), bind rebuke and renounce any psychic gifts (masquerading as gifts of the Holy Spirit) that have been operating through you as well, and  then unlearn the false doctrine that has led to your acceptance of such.
Have you allowed your children to be "activated?" All of the above goes for them too. Your children will need to see true repentance and honesty coming from you order to help extricate them from the spiritual oppressions brought into their lives through this movement. Pray for deliverance for your children.
This prophetic movement has been going after, and activating, children as young as three years old!!
This may be hard to swallow, but the Bible says we heap teachers to ourselves according to our own lusts. This must be sincerely repented of. Ask the Holy Spirit of God to search your heart and mind and show you what exactly it is you are lusting after. Then ask him to replace that with a love of the truth.
Occult phenomenon such as the following
occurring within the lives and ministries of former adherents of the prophetic-apostolic movement must be rebuked and renounced by the authority of Jesus Christ:
  • Astral projection (attributing it to getting "caught up" by God)
  • Gold dust manifestations
  • Falling gem stones
  • So-called "angelic" orbs appearing over heads
  • Counterfeit spiritual gifts mascerading as words of prophecy, knowledge and wisdom.
  • And any other questionable "gift" or manifestation (there are simply too many to list).
Many sincere true believers of Jesus Christ have been seduced into this movement by these things. If you are one of them, keep reading this section of our website to get a basic idea of where to begin in extricating yourself and getting onto the right path.
Do you know for sure that you have truly been saved? Many have been seduced into this movement, thinking they are coming to Christ when in reality there has been no true repentance unto salvation--just a lust for the spirituality, power, signs and wonders to be manifested in their lives.
Leaders of the Apostle-Prophet movement pooh pooh and ridicule the simple gospel found in the Four Spiritual Law booklets which have been instrumental in leading thousands to a saving knowledge of Christ (see the footer of this page for the Four Spiritual Laws).
Start reading the Bible immediately. We recommend a King James Bible without footnotes (see Bible Versions on nav bar to see why). Read it every day always picking up today where you left off yesterday.
Gain a solid understanding of Biblical Prophecy.
So much of the seductive influence of this movement comes through the false escalotogical teaching they promote.
Gain a good understanding of the Armour of God. What it is, and what its purpose is--and what it is not. Teachers in the Prophetic Movement seriously twist these things (see Bible Studies on the navigation bar of this site). 


In one of his early books, Rick Joyner wrote that although he had plenty of scripture to back up what he was writing, he wasn't going to use very much in his book. He said he did this because he wanted the reader to "commune with the spirit for confirmation" of the truth of what he had written--not just read a bunch of "facts."


In that sentence, he revealed a basic strategy of the enemy in keeping people from receiving the truth. He aggressively undermined the Written Word of God--the Bible, by reducing it to just a bunch of “facts.”no different from any other non-fiction book. In doing so, he elevated a subjective, unconfirmed, spiritual experience above the factual truth of the Bible.


In his book, he also affirmed the importance, to our over-all faith, of having a correct understanding of Biblical prophecy. That might have been a good thing had he not minimized the basic scriptural teaching of Bible prophecy (that Jesus came the first time to save--and his people are to be winning as many souls as possible to him before he comes the second time to rule) as only a popular view.


I was personally present when another pastor, who espouses more than one doctrine of demons, said this to his congregation, “your escatology (view of Biblical Prophecy) is getting in the way of your faith (i.e., unless you change your mind about Biblical Prophecy, I cannot indoctrinate you into the counterfeit faith that I am teaching).”


He came right out and admitted that one of best protections against the insidious Dominion/ Kingdom Now doctrine, that he taught, was a good solid understanding of Biblical prophecy!  


Undermining the importance of dependence upon the written Word of God for illumination and understanding is a given in order to lure believers away from the true faith. Anyone who has a genuine love of the truth knows this, and it is becoming more and more obvious how devastating having a wrong view of Biblical Prophecy can be.  


More and more we hear false teachers not only undermine Biblical authority (which is to be expected) but also undermining the scriptural teaching of a pre-tribulational rapture of the church by saying (truthfully) that this view is a major hindrance to receiving the Present Restored (extra-scriptural) "Truth” they teach.


In his efforts to undermine the acquisition of sound doctrine concerning Biblical prophecy, Rick Joyner stated, in the introduction to his 1989 book "The Harvest" that God wasn't "interested in impressing us with his ability to foretell the future."


That statement could not be further from the truth and is diabolically opposed to the written Word of God which tells us it is exactly that ability which we can look to, and depend on, for proof that our God is indeed the only true God, and his written Word is indeed the only "standard" by which we can measure what  is (and what is not)...Truth  (Isaiah 48:3-5).


**Biblical prophecy is not found only in the Book of Revelation and in the writings of the “prophets.” It is found throughout the Bible—literally in every book. It is so intricately linked to our faith, that a wrong view of it can become a very dangerous thing leading to apostasy from the true faith. While a correct view of Biblical prophecy, considerably strengthens and affirms our faith and ability to remain steadfast and faithful.

Here are a few strategies for contending for the faith regarding this movement:
  • Contend, Contend, Contend, for the  Word, The Word, The WRITTEN Word!
  • Teach sound Redemption Doctrine and Biblical Prophecy
  • Do expose the false doctrines taught by the False leaders of this Movement
  • Do expose the false leaders of this movement. These are wolves who are devouring the sheep.
  • Do not get drawn into personality conflicts with either these leaders or their followers.
  • Do not go around searching for and uprooting tares within local congregations.
  • Do be willing to forsake all and follow Jesus.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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