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Leviathan is a powerful being who can destroy property, and lives, ruin health, and cause extreme physical and emotional pain. He abuses any way he can, through anyone he can. He is a shape shifter who is very good at hiding from those he is oppressing. Without revelation from God, Leviathan (or any other spiritual oppressor) cannot be detected and defeated. Fortunately God, in his love and mercy, provided us with everything we need in order to identify and defeat this powerful enemy..

Satan used Leviathan to attack Job.

and Leviathan had to be defeated

before Job's fortunes could be restored.

One of the only versions of the Holy Scriptures that truly exposes Leviathan, and equips us to defeat him, is the King James Bible. Most of the other versions reduce him to a mere crocodile (even though the context itself refutes this).

Wouldn't most intelligent people question why in the world a description of a reptile would be inserted into a book that is included in scripture for the sole purpose of exposing a spiritual attack on a God fearing man?

Which brings us to another relevant point. No one is immune to an attack from Leviathan. In Job 41 we will examine how this terrible being was effectively used by Satan to destroy the life of a good man (as well as the means by which he was ultimately defeated).

Leviathan poses as a servant to those who are oppressed by him (Job 41:4)

Isn't that amazing? His victims often don't realize they are being victimized! Instead they depend upon him to cope and survive emotionally. But this same verse tells us that he cannot be depended upon, for he makes no covenant with his victims. Leviathan provides a false hiding place who is guarenteed to let his victims down. He comes around when he chooses - not when his victim chooses (Job 41:4,9).

Job 41:8,10 tells us Leviathan is a fierce fighter. He is not to be engaged carelessly, taken lightly or underestimated.

It is in verse :10 that God comments on, and questions, the intelligence of anyone would undertake to defy God, when even the fierce don't dare stir up Leviathan (who we must agree definitely inferior to his creator)?

That's interesting but what should we do with this information?

If we will pay close attention, Instructions are given in this chapter of Job that tell us how to defeat this awesome foe. As reluctant as the fierce are to engage him, even the fearsome Leviathan cannot stand before God. We are reminded that everything under Heaven belongs to God. This is critical information - especially if we are the ones who happen to be encountering this creature (Job 41:10-11).

This passage makes it very clear that Leviathan can be defeated, but only in a very specific way.

Who can expose Leviathan? Who can uncover and reveal everything about him? The Lord is telling Job (and us) in Job 41:11-14 that he can!

He who has ears to hear, let him hear...

Job 41:13 makes reference to a double bridle. This creature is so ferocious that God, in his mercy, will not allow him to exercise his full power against us, but in spite of a double jaw restraint - he remains a formidable and deadly foe.

Job is given one warning and description after another of the ferocity and deadliness of Leviathan. Leviathan's armor, he is told, is extremely effective with no visible vulnerability. In fact, The Lord God himself tells us, that there is no vulnerability. This is not a deceptive appearance (Job 41:15-17).

Is God trying to dissuade us from the battle? Absolutely, if we won't fight his way. He is giving us the facts. This enemy is so devious and so dangerous, our Lord in his kindness and mercy, is letting us know exactly what we will be up against. He is letting us know that we had better not try and face this foe unless we know exactly how to do it. He is leading up to the finale where he reveals the key to Leviathan's defeat. He is saying to Job listen...

It wasn't agreed that the Lord could tell Job plainly that his woes were part of a spiritual attack agreed to by God in order to test him. But the Lord was pointing out the answer to him if he would listen...

In addition to all the devastation caused by his attacks, Leviathan causes confusion in his victims (the phrase "they purify themselves," can also mean, "they are confused." Job 41:25).

He is implacable and indestructible by any of the commonly used weapons of war, or by any other human means (Job 41:24-30).

He is a powerful fast moving enemy. This is illustrated by by the sudden losses experienced by Job as well as by the picture of his churning of the deep and the wake he leaves as he moves swiftly through the waters (Job 41:13-22, 41:31-32).

God makes the clear statement that Leviathan is fearless. He is afraid of nothing (Job 41:33). God himself describes Leviathan as the most vicious, implacable, fearsome and fearless creature under Heaven (Job 41:10,24-25,33).

Wouldn't it make sense that Satan would pull out his most vicious weapon against Job since he had just challenged God concerning him. He was not going to take any chances that Job would retain his integrity.

That Satan used Leviathan to try and cause Job to curse God is evident as the Lord God himself described this enemy to Job and gave him the key to defeating him... (why else would he do that? What else would have been relevant at that point?)

In subtilely revealing this enemy to Job, God was also giving him the key to his defeat. Job was listening.

Leviathan's stronhold was pride (Job 41:34)

Humility defeats pride

Can it really be that simple? In Job 42 we see Leviathan defeated in the children of pride by their simple act of obedience to God.

We see Job humbling himself and repenting for speaking about things he knew nothing about - in dust and ases... publicly. (Job 42:3-6)

We see his friends admitting they were wrong and asking Job to pray for them as God commanded them to do, and we see Job graciously forgiving his miserable comforters(abusers) and praying for all of them (Job 42:10).

Leviathan's power was broken over Job's life, and his devastating circumstances were turned around in a miraculous way through humility and obedience.

The scriptures say that only through pride comes contention (Proverbs 13:10) If there is contention and strife in our lives, rest assured there is pride. If there is prided, rest assured Leviathan is present. He is king over aall the children of pride (Job 41:34).

If anyone thinks that the need to deal with Leviathan isn't an emergency situation consider Job. Look at the devastation, loss of life, health and fortune Leviathan's presence caused in his life - in the life of a perfect and an upright man...

Leviathan, who was viciously manifesting himself throughout Job's ordeal (through murdering his children, stealing his property and his health, through excruciating emotional anguish, through abuse from friends and family) had to go before healing and restoration could come

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