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Are we unwittingly Inviting Oppression into our lives?

Everyone Belongs To Someone

Those who believe they belong only to themselves... are sorely mistaken.

If we are wise, we will choose to belong to Jesus Christ as early in our lives as possible. Until that choice is made, like it or not, we belong to his enemy--Satan.

But what if we have made the choice to belong to Christ? Are we now safe from the destructive influences of Satan and his hordes?

We are if we refuse to give him any Points Of Contact

Points of contact are chinks in our armor; entry points; leaks in the dike--that have the destructive potential of bringing down the entire dam and allowing the enemy to come in like a flood...

When a person makes the wise decision to belong to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God moves in permanently--to lead, guide, comfort and protect.

The Holy Spirit needs no point of contact (other than obedience to the Word of God) in order to exert his influence on the child of God. He lives with us and in us.

Satan on the other hand, is limited to the damage he can do by being required to have points of contact. That means, unless we give him one, he's out in the cold. Locked out.

Exactly What Is A Point Of Contact?

Satan can use anything he likes as a point of contact. The first point of contact Satan used was found in the garden. The couple God created was blissfully happy and completely ignorant of sin.

Nothing in their world was forbidden to them except one thing--the knowledge of sin.

All they knew about sin was that it hung from a tree... It looked good--and ...

they were to have nothing to do with it!

The fruit that hung from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil was Satan's initial point of contact with the human race, and there is no need to remind anyone of the disastrous consequences of that first contact.

All contact with Satan and his hordes has detrimental affects on those who provide him with points of contact.

After his initial success in the garden, Satan busied himself with coming up with other points of contact (P.O.C.'s). You see, beyond the tree, he could only perpetuate his destruction one point of contact at a time.

What is vitally important to understand is, the entry and influence gained through a P.O.C. is permanent unless identified, renounced and the P.O.C. is gotten rid of.

God pointed the fallen couple to the solution to their predicament (His Son) after fully confronting the issue and exposing Satan for who and what he really was. He also informed them of the consequences of their disobedience, and removed them from the garden.

He then taught them how to serve him properly until his son (who would be a physical descendant of Eve) could resolve the issue permanently.

We are still required to serve him properly if we want to keep dangerous points of contact out of our lives.

Early points of contact were idols, temples and religious ceremonies. These would be objects, geographical locations dedicated to certain entities and events related to the acknowledgement of these entities. Usually referred to as gods.

But how can this affect us today?

There are two methods the enemy employs in perpetuating P.O.C.'s...Participation & Ownership

A common modern point of contact would be the participation in ceremonies and festivals which originated in ancient times with the expressed purpose of creating a covenant (agreement) between non-benevolent spirits and frightened ignorant human beings.

Most have forgotten the origins of many such ceremonies and festivals that stretch so far back into the misty recesses of antiquity that we can't possibly understand how they could have any significance today--but we must remember that the entities who initiated the P.O.C.'s do not dwell on this temporal plane with which we are so familiar.

These creatures (spirits / fallen angels) operate on an entirely different time table than we do.

Festivals and ceremonies which had such beginnings never lose their original significance and purpose. The agenda of the intelligence behind them never changes.

That agenda is nothing less than the re-enforcement and renewal of original invitations and agreements between demon spirits and its human captives; to bring into the covenant succeeding generations of their descendants, thereby perpetuating and enlarging the sphere of their destructive influence and oppression.

Are you actively involved in any such festivals or ceremonies?

What does the festival or ceremony involve or acknowledge?

If the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is not being acknowledged through his risen Son -- Jesus Christ (for that is the only acknowledgement God will accept), then it is a false god who is being honored!

Other ways we participate in activities used by spirit ual entities as points of contact (P.O.C.) would be through deliberately altering our consciousness through the use of drugs, alcohol and/or mantra meditation--even so-called Christian meditation such as The Silence, soaking or contemplative prayer.

Sexual contact with oppressed persons or anyone we are not married to is another P.O.C..

Participating vicariously (second hand sin)  in activities forbidden by God is not a harmless practice. 

Ownership is the other point of contact. Objects that are related to ceremonies, festivals, practices and belief systems that do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the only way truth and life are numerous and forbidden in the Bible for Christians to own.

These objects are points of contact regardless if we acknowledge them as such or not.

Is Tt Time to Clean House?

Ask God To forgive and save you through faith in his risen son.

Only then, will you have the power , through Jesus Christ, to renounce all agreements and activities you or your ancestors may have been involved in. Sincerely repent, and then clean house...

Get Rid Of All Points Of Contact!

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Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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