The Fastest Growing Cult Within The Body of Christ Today

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Although Janis Hutchinson (ex-Mormom and author of the book "Out of the Cults and Into the Church) and I disagree on the major cause of much of the turmoil experienced by ex-cultists, we do agree on one thing--getting rid of all contact with the cult and influence of the cult through books,  tapes,  CD's--even music connected with the cult is a must in order for the Christian who has been seduced into following false religions, teachers, doctrines or movements to find peace and freedom.

Janis Hutchinson has done some outstanding research in this area and,

even though she and I disagree strongly in one area, I wholeheartedly

recommend her book to anyone who is struggling with breaking loose from teachings, teachers and doctrine you know are false but still seem to have a stronghold in your life.

Janis Hutchinson's research has shown that those who hold onto materials connected to the cult, have a very difficult time, even if they never return to the cult, in obtaining peace and complete freedom from the seductive draw to return to the cult and the torment involved in leaving the cult.

Her research has also consistently shown that those who do get rid of these things, while sincerely, prayerfully, renouncing (in Jesus Name)

the teachings and influence of the cult and of these items, usually experience instant relief and freedom.

I have stated before, that I believe the fastest growing cult within the Body of Christ today is the Apostle-Prophet Five-Fold Ministry restoration movement.

I call it a cult for several reasons:

  • The leaders of this movement have all consistently had visions and/or out of Body experiences that convinced them that traditional, Biblical Christians have had it all wrong up until now. But with their extra-scriptural revelation, they can help us all get back on track (compare this with Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, Mary Baker Eddy, Sun Yung Moon, etc.).
  • The leaders of this movement clearly call for a renouncement of most evangelical Biblical beliefs. They call this a "Paradigm Shift."
  • The movement has a "devil" which is the evangelical church, and they consistently attack traditional Biblical beliefs, and believers who insist on the Bible as the last word in doctrine (as apposed to extra-scriptural revelation). They attempt to humiliate and isolate Bible believing evangelicals from the group by calling them some really ugly names: "The antichrist religious system" is one of the more radical. "Pharisee" is heard quite commonly within their gatherings and even printed in much of their written materials.
  • Followers of this movement have a very difficult time breaking loose from it even after they realize they have been duped by the false teachers and teachings associated with it. Even after they renounce this movement publicly, the seduction of it seems to remain very strong. Many are successfully drawn right back into it—quickly renouncing the truth they admitted they received and even renouncing their own public acknowledgment of the falseness of the movement. 

This movement has every earmark of a cult—point for point, and puts out a plethora of books, tapes and CD's both music and teaching that keep the former adherent in a constant state of ambivalence until they get rid of them.

All of these things must be prayerfully renounced in the name of Jesus, and gotten rid of, or the influence, ambivalence and torment remains.

I have been updating the Apostle/Prophet section of this website, and I encourage you to prayerfully read the contents of this section.

Janis Hutchinson’s book, Out of the Cults and Into the Churh: Understanding And encouraging ex-cultists can be purchased for about $10 at Most books can also be found at starting at about $2.

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