Purpose 6 for the 70 Weeks
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Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people (Jews) and upon thy holy city (Jerusalem) to,...

"anoint the most Holy..."

Anoint means to rub oil on, consecrate...

If we have not been convinced that Christ must return before the end of the seventieth week, #6 confirms

No one but Jesus Christ can be called the "most Holy."

The anointing of the most Holy completes the 6 purposes of the 70 weeks.

Jesus Christ is presently our savior, friend, brother and high priest and captain.

He will soon be our reigning King.

But let's not forget that Daniel 9:24 is dealing with Daniel's people (Jews) and Daniel's holy city (Jerusalem).

Israel rejected God from being their king while the prophet Samuel was judge.

God annointed Saul and then David (from whom the man Christ Jesus descended) to become king over Israel.

However, the man Christ Jesus was never anointed as King when he came the 1st time.

When he returns, the man Christ Jesus (seed of David) will reign and Israel will also, once again, have their "God" (Colossians 2:9) reigning as King.

Jesus qualifies for succession to the throne on both counts as man - and as God.

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