Christians and Spiritual Oppression

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The apostle Paul admonishes Christians in Ephesians 4:27 not to give place to the devil.
"Place" means a location, home, opportunity.
If it was not possible for the devil to gain strongholds in the lives of Christians, would warnings like this be necessary?
Most of us understand that we can bring demonic oppression into our lives by participating in sinful activities, hence the need to avoid certain things, but many are not aware that the enemy also successfully gains stronholds in our lives by the sins of others against us.
A good example would be the person who has suffered abuse at the hands of a parent, guardian or spouse, or someone who has lived in the chaotic environment caused by the addictive strongholds of a loved one (parent or spouse).
A person who has lived under the heavy hand of abusive control, or in any "out of control" environment,  usually needs freedom themselves from a rebellious, controling spirit of witchcraft (the scriptures equate rebellion with witchcraft - see 1 Samuel 15:23 where there is the one, the other is always present).
Don't be shocked at this. It is only natural to rebell against oppression or chaos. The problem is that Satan capitalizes on our helplessness and desperate need for freedom from these this things in our lives and brings in a matrix of predators to help us deal with our difficult situations.
I have spoken with numerous individuals over the years who had lived for many years under some else's controlling thumb, or some other type of "out of control" situation, These individuals may or may not be gentle people who would never knowingly harm anyone, but upon escaping from their oppressive/out of control circumstances determined (either consciously or unconsciously) that no one was ever going to control their lives again or that they were going to be in complete control of at least one area of their "out of control" lives.
Without realizing it they gave place to a spirit of rebellion (a very real, non-benevolent being). The effect of this oppression usually results in a person  who feels oppressed by making commitments, and when commitments are made, they are not often kept.
People frequently find this type of individual undependable.
Instead of rebelling only against the oppression of the enemy, these  people rebel against legitimate authority including the commitment and accountability we, as Christians, are all called to give to one another.
This in turn leads to loyalty issues.
If we cannot be committed accountable and loyal to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ--do not think we can be committed loyal and accountable  to Jesus!
Do not be deceived in this. Our walk with Jesus is visibly demonstrated  in our walk with each other.
Another spirit that is frequently a part of this matrix of rebellion and control is a lying Spirit (also a non-benevolent being).
Where there is no loyalty or sense of committment, there are often lies. Not necessarily whoopers, just little white lies to keep from hurting someone's feelings or from having to confront unpleasant situations.
which brings us to another predator that hangs out with the others we've already discussed--fear
Another manifestation would be some type of compulsive behavior motivated by the need to have some sort of handle of control in an otherwise uncontrolable life or environment.
Is the pattern emerging? Are we getting a glimpse yet of how these hateful beings gang up on us in our helplessness?
There is absolutely no shame in admitting that the enemy has dug in and fortified his strongholds in our lives over the years. But shame on us if we allow him to stay once it is brought to our attention how he works!
Every adverse situation in our lives has its matrix of spirits working diligently to both oppress us and others through us. We cannot allow the enemy to have a home or opportunity with us. If he does, it is no one's fault but our own.
Do you have a fear of being taken advantage of and oppressed if you allow yourself to become committed and accountable to others?
Because of this, do you have a problem with demonstrating loyalty to others?
Do you find yourself telling lies in order to avoid committment or conflict (you'd rather keep the peace)?
Are you bound by compulsive behavior that gives you a false sense of control?
Even the newest Christian has authority over the powers of darkness. This is a vertical authority (as in rank) - not a horizontal tug of war.
Ask the Spirit of the Lord to reveal if these stronholds are in your life. Repent from any sinful behavior that has helped to strengthen them. Bind and Renounce, in Jesus name, all spirits which have oppressed you - spirits of:
  •  Rebellion
  • Control
  • Fear
  •  Lying spirits
Ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you not to allow these miserable comforters  back into your life. Then be vigilent, for they will attempt to gain re-entry.
Then be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.
Yes, people may try to take advantage of us once we decide to commit to one another (that is when we practice giving an honest no to requests). And learning the difference between accountability, commitment and oppression may be uncomfortable and difficult for awhile. But  persevere!
Yes,  confrontive situations will present themselves and we will be challenged to deal with them fearlessly and honestly. Don't slip back into the old sins to avoid the discomfort! That is when the enemy will slip back in as well.
When that happens, the confession, repentance, renouncing process has to take place all over again. The enemy will then try and beat you down with guilt. Don't let him. Repent and start over. Jesus will help you.
After being required by the Holy Spirit on more than one occassion to tell on myself (that's right, I had to go tell someone else about my sin - after I got away with it!), I found it easier to keep myself as straight as possible to begin with.
Give no place to the devil.
Yes, walking free in unfamiliar territory may cause some temporary turbulance and feeling of being out of control. Don't run back to the miserable comforters! Surrender all control to God and then refuse to take it back! 
Don't try to go it alone. Get an accountibility partner. Someone you trust to pray with you and hold you accountible in these things.

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