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We are currently adding 2010 and 2011 events to Jocelyn Andersen’s schedule. We thank you for your inquiry into Jocelyn’s availability to speak at your gathering. If you wish to submit an invitation, please put your invitation in writing and answer the following questions.

General Event Information

Who will sponsor the event?

What are the precise dates, including the year? (Without precise dates we cannot consider your request.)

How many times would you like Jocelyn to speak?

How long should she plan to speak for each message?

What will be the event schedule (precise times of day she will speak)?

Will you provide us with a master-quality audio and video recording (if applicable) of Jocelyn Andersen’s talks to use at her discretion?

Who will the listeners be?


Location / Travel Information

Where is the location of the event?

What airport would she fly into?

What is the travel time from the airport to the event location?

When do you expect her to arrive at your location?

Will you be covering all of Jocelyn's travel expenses?

Would you consider covering the travel expenses for either her Husband or a female assistant to accompany her to your event?

Will you be providing her (and any accompanying her) transportation from and to the airport and from and to her hotel and your event? If possible, please provide contact information to be posted on our web site for the general public interested in hearing Jocelyn Andersen speak:

Phone number

Email address

Website address



Would you allow Jocelyn to set up a table display and offer free resources to your listeners?

Will you be arranging for Jocelyn Andersen’s books to be available for those attending your event? Please describe. Indicate if you would prefer us to provide this service.

Thank you for providing this information. It will be a great help as we prayerfully consider your invitation.

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