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Have we received "another" spirit?
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Can We Really Tell The Difference?
2 Corinthians 11:4
No one in the church is more susceptible to a controling spirit of witchcraft or to a spirit of performance than those are in positions of authority and/or highly visible ministries such as pastors teachers or music ministers.
These spirits  (a spirit is always a personal entity or being - not simply an attitude as is so commonly mistaken) are very prevalent within our churches. Entire congregations are often oppressed by, fall for and enthusiastically accept a very poor counterfeit in exchange for the refreshing ministry of the Holy Spirit. 
No true Christian would deliberately set out to cooperate with a spirit of performance as they teach preach or lead the people in praise and worship. No true Christian would deliberately set out to abuse and jealously guard the position of authority they have been entrusted with through a rebellious controlling spirit of witchcraft. But many succeed in doing that very thing.
How does it happen that a Christian, a person who is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, can be so completely fooled by which spirit is leading and motivating them? 
Those in the ministry who are taken in by these demonic spirits have often been keeping company with them for most of their lives, hence they have been familiar with them for a very long time. Because of this, when one of these spirits begins to assist or guide, it is a familiar voice that is heard (one they've heard most of their life) and mistaken for the leading of the Holy Spirit.
When they become energized while preaching teaching or singing, the spirit of performance is mistaken for the anointing of God. When they find themselves successfully "ruling" over others, they feel it is a gift of God - a ministry of the Holy Spirit.
These bad spirits do oppress good people.
They gain strongholds in our lives anytime we face difficult or intimidating circumstances and choose any method of dealing with the the difficulty other than God's methods. 
Anytime we reject the help and comfort offered to us through the Word of God and his Spirit (not always the easiest route at first - instant gratification is not in our Lord's vocabulary), other "helpers / miserable comforters" are ready and available to move in and offer "assistance". This very often begins when we are children, hence, by the time we become adults, they are very familiar to us.
We must become estranged from them. Their voices must become as the voice of a stranger to us.
It is entirely our choice. If there is any question at all of demonic interference in our lives and ministries, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Repent from sinfully accepting the easy relief when it was offered (even if it began before you were saved - it probably did.
  • Forgive those who hurt you (causing you to need the relief in the first place).
  • In Jesus' name exercise the authority given to all believers by renouncing and rebuking (name them - spirits of performance/control etc.) any miserable comforters and "helpers" that have been accepted over the years (it could even be a generational family thing).
  • Be vigilant. They will try and return (learning to operate without their "help" will be difficult at first). Don't let them. And if you accidentally do - Repent... Forgive...Renounce... Rebuke!

Functioning Without a Rebellious-Controlling Spirit of Witchcraft

First of all, stop assuming your will is God's will. Be willing to submit to others even if you know your way is better or you are more capable.

It will be difficult, when that fowl spirit is not permitted to operate people will no longer find it difficult resist you (the primary motivation of this spirit is power). Those who once followed and almost idolized you will find themselves emotionally free to pursue other things (without your input). You will find yourself being required to relinquish personal power.  Be willing to let it go

All power is God's, and any power we have must both come from God and be submitted back to the authority of God - he requires us to submit to one another in demonstration of this. Lip service won't do it.

A rebellious controling spirit of witchcraft is very difficult, for those who have "benefited" from it for many years, to relinquish. It is usually part of a spiritual matrix which draws its strength from a spirit of rebellion as well as a spirit of fear. Fear is a significant contributing spirit and sin involved with this particular oppression.

And we know what to do with the spirits of rebellion and fear - Repent....Forgive....Renounce.....Rebuke

Functioning Without A Spirit of Performance

The first thing that will be noticed is an uncomfortable self consciousnesses when standing before others. That is not a bad thing as it leads us to depend on God all the more for his leading and true anointing as we are obedient to him.

If the anointing is absent, it is time to adjust immediately. Stop, if necessary, and go to God in prayer and find out why. It is not time to fall back on an old "friend" to step in and "help" us deal with the situation more comfortably. It is not time to attempt to produce a manifestation of the anointing by souping up the show, song, prayer or preaching with theatrics.

Realize that we are all accepted in the beloved. Our Father in Heaven likes us. We can be ourselves, and if no one else likes it that's too bad - God does.

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