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Suffering--why Doesn't God "Do" Something? ~~

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Before this question can be answered, it is important to understand that the terrible suffering we see going on through-out the world is not caused by God.
He created a perfect world.
The suffering is caused by the sin that entered the world at the instigation  of Satan, who is a murderer and a liar and is the father of all who choose to follow in his footsteps.
The instant Satan, the world's first terrorist, took the human population hostage through their own choice to sin, God stepped in, taught them how to deal with the devastating addition of sin into their lives, and taught his creation that if they would carefully obey him--they would still be all  right.
He promised he would send a man who would be able to redeem them (buy them back) from the terrorist devil (and the terrible consequences of their sin) by paying a ransom. While they waited for the redeemer to come, God provided a way for the fallen humans to live safely.
Obedience would have kept them completely safe.
God is not the one who causes the suffering many of us have experienced, and see all around us--sin does--because this is a fallen world. The enemy of our souls is committed to the personal destruction of each of us (The devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour).
God provided a remedy for sin and suffering in the person of his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
Jesus, The son of the Living God, is the only sinless man, and therefore was able to pay the price for the sin which held all mankind in its merciless grip. His death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead ensured that both sin and its instigator, Satan, are doomed.
Jesus left the glory he had in Heaven and came to earth the first time as a suffering lowly servant.  His next trip to earth will be as prince of peace and conquering king.
Sin and Satan are at the bottom of all suffering.
By the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,  both sin and Satan have been tried and convicted; the sentence of doom will be carried out at the second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth.
Because Jesus died and rose again, all sin is doomed, and both we and this earth have a beautiful future to look forward to.
Our dead bodies will be raised, and the earth will be restored to its original perfection. We have God's promise that all things will be made new and will never be marred by sin and death again.
Why would we continue to allow our soul to remain in jeopardy while we debate about whether or not God is righteous and fair?
He is righteous and fair. He provided a way (through his risen son) for every man, woman and child to live forever in a glorious kingdom of peace that will have no end.
None of us have the promise of tomorrow. If we are still alive today and have not as yet accepted the eternal life available to us through Jesus, it is only by the mercy of Almighty God.
Jesus said there is only ONE WAY to the Father, and that is through him. We cannot save ourselves. We cannot be good enough. We cannot be religious enough. We cannot be rich or powerful enough. All who receive salvation find it by way of the lowly Nazarene--the man of sorrows, who was rejected by men--the stone that the builders rejected--the rock of offense, and the stone of stumbling.
The scriptures tell us in Romans chapter ten that if we believe Jesus is the son of God, and if we believe that God raised him from the dead--we will BE SAVED.
No one has to go to the awful doom that was never prepared for mankind to begin with.
The lake of fire was prepared for the devil and his angels, but sadly, all too many humans will go there.
Are you absolutely certain--beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you died tonight--that you have eternal life?
We are not saved by any good works we have done (Ephesians 2:8-9). We cannot be good enough to get to Heaven, but Jesus was good enough, and he made a way for us to be with him (immediately upon the death of this body  2 Corinthians 5:8).
Salvation is an absolutely free gift and those of us who belong to Christ get to be with him the moment  our souls leave our bodies. But only if:
  • We can you admit we are sinners (sin is inherited and affects everyone)
  • We want forgiveness for our sins
  • We are willing to turn from our sins and become followers of Christ
  • We can have assurance--right now--that our souls are safe for all eternity (see 1 John 5:11-13)?
Don't let a single doubt remain--Talk to God Right Now:
Tell God you believe Jesus is his risen son, and based on that, ask him to forgive you of your sins and save your soul. Ask him to help you walk from now on in the newness of life that is now available to you through Jesus Christ.

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