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The "WHOLE" Armour of God

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The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (not natural weapons--not of the flesh), but mighty through God (powerful spiritual weapons) to the pulling down of strongholds....
The scriptures tell us the only way defeat powerful spiritual opponents (principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness... and spiritual wickedness....) is by putting on the whole armour of God.
And we are given no option to using every spiritual weapon at our disposal.
The "whole" armour means wearing every piece of it...  at all times. 
The defensive weapons of our warfare is the armour of God which consists of: Truth, Righteousness, The preparation of Gospel of  man's Peace with God, Faith and the helmet Salvation (deliverance).
The only offensive weapon we are given is the spoken Word of God (an utterance which must always be in line with the written Word of God applied under the direct leading of the Holy Spirit of God). Jesus gave us a perfect example of this in Matthew chapter four, when he stuck stubbornly to his iteration and re-iteration of, "It is written...." 
The prophet Isaiah also confirms this when he wrote that those whose words didn't line with what was already written had, "No light in them."
(Isaiah 8:20)
How do we apply the armour? How do we wield the weapons? The balance of this study will focus on learning these things.


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