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We're Called - but are we chosen?

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For many are called, but few are chosen...

We will only be chosen after we are tested

and found faithful

(It is required in stewards that they be found faithful).

Even Jesus was tested before he was launched into ministry, but too many of us want to get ahead of God just because we feel his calling on our lives, and we resist the purifying, strengthening and testing process that all who are called must submit to... if we are destined to be chosen.

Can we handle authority? Can we submit to authority? Are we willing to give up authority? Or do we love material wealth, power, authority and the praise of man all too much?

Will we be found faithful when incredible pressures are brought to bear upon us? Will we be found faithful when we feel that we have reached the end of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ropes?

Will we be found faithful when men and women look up to us because of the anointing God has given and become willing to give us honor and share their material blessings with us?

Or will we want to share (just a little bit) in God's glory and enjoy just a little to much the elevated status (and often material comforts) the praise of man brings?

Will we be like David, who refused to become a Hagar, by refusing to stretch forth his hand to undermine the existing king's (Saul's) authority in any way - although he had already been anointed as the next king by the prophet?

Will we be like Jonathan, who was next in line to the throne of his father, Saul, but recognized the will of God concerning the future leadership structure of the nation - and submitted to it?

Or will we be like Saul, who spent many days tormented with fear, envy and rage at the prospect of losing his position, power and praise of man to David.

All we have is assurance of eternal life and a calling to obedience and servant-hood. No one can displace us from where God has placed us. No one can prevent us from performing what God has called us to do.

Unless we choose not to be chosen by [grasping pride, ambition and] fear that God cannot work his will in our lives.

Saul was called, but because he gloried in the praise of man and feared losing his position, he rebelled. Because he chose not to trust - he was not ultimately chosen.

Jesus was found faithful - He feared losing nothing. He grasped at nothing. He felt no need to sinfully prove himself to anyone.

 Fear, pride and rebellion kept Saul from being chosen.

Faith, courage, integrity and humility on both David and Jonathan's part brought David to the throne.

Not many are called to be Davids. All are called to be Jonathans (willing to give up his all).... but far too many -- choose to be like Saul.

Pride, envy, ambition, a grasping need for power, authority, and fear of losing what we have has no place in the life of any Christian - particularly a Christian called to leadership.

If these things are found in us and we refuse to let them go.... we may be called -- but we will never be chosen.

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click here to View & Print Free Brochure of this Article

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