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``The Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ Are Not the Same Event!

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Below is a parallel list of contrasts between the resurrection  of the dead in Christ and the catching away of the living (when Chist returns in the air) with the physical  return of Jesus to the earth to establish his kingdom.

These are two markedly different events with The event commonly known as the "Rapture" marking a clear line between two different dispensations.

Contrasts between these two time periods are as follows:

Resurrection & Catching up/Rapture

Before the rapture - Whoever "calls" on God through the name of his resurrected son shall be saved. Romans 10:13 (grace)
Before the rapture - Eph 2:8 (grace)
Before the rapture - No one knows the day or hour the son of man will come. Matt 24:42

At the rapture - Jesus is coming out of Heaven for us and We will be meeting the Lord in the "air." 1 Thess 4:17


Before the rapture - We are looking for sudden/imminent appearance. Hebrews 10:37


At the rapture - Archangel blows the trumpet. 1 Thess 4:16

At the rapture - The trumpet signals resurrection of the dead and changing of living. 1Cor15:52

At the rapture - We will be changed and become as angels. Matt 22:30



At the rapture  - Christ is coming for "all" who belong (those "in" Christ) to him. 1 Thessalonians 4:14-16

At his first coming - Christ came to "reconcile." The resurrection and catching away are included in the reconciliation. Col 1:20

 At the rapture  - The will be raised" bodies. 1Thess 4:17

2nd Coming of Christ To this earth
Post Grace

After the rapture - only he who "endures" to the end shall be saved. Matt 24:13(post-grace)
After the rapture (during tribulation) - Matthew 25:31-46 (post grace)
After the rapture - The days can be counted. Daniel 12:11

At 2nd Coming - Jesus is coming out of Heaven with us (no meeting in the air this time). We will accompany him all the way to earth. His feet will touch the "earth." Zec 14:4, 1 Thessalonians 3:13

After the rapture (during tribulation) - The days to Christ's appearance can be counted (Christ's appearance will end the great tribulation). Dan 12:11

At the 2nd Coming - Jesus himself Blows the Trumpet. Zec 9:14, Isaiah 27:13, Matt 24:31

At the 2nd Coming - The trumpet precedes the angelic gathering. There will be no resurrection. Matt24:31/Mk13:27

At the 2nd Coming - Survivors of Judgement of nations will enter Kingdom in their mortal condition. During the first 1000 years of Christ's kingdom some will marry and give birth. Some will even die. Isaiah 65:20

At the 2nd Coming - Christ is coming as "deliverer" only to those who are looking for him (Matthew 24:44-51).

At his 2nd Coming - Christ is coming to "subdue." Phil 3:21


At his 2nd Coming - There will be "dead" bodies. Luke 17:37/Rev 19:21

These contrasts present great doctrinal difficulties to those who do not differenciate between the Catching away and the 2nd Coming of Christ.

When it is understood that these are two separate events occurring several years apart, scriptural contradictions disappear.

The Book of Revelation (along with many other prophecies from both the Old and New Testaments) fills in the gap between the two events.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing of scriptures to cover each of these points, but I believe they are a good starting point for each.

definitely good food for thought.

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