Labyrinth Walking

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Church-goers walking the labyrinth

The labyrinth is closely associated with the occult. It is very dangerous spiritually and should be avoid by all followers of Jesus Christ.
Its influence is strong and  appears to very quickly gain a stronghold into the lives of Christians who participate in this activity. We would compare it to heroin in drug use (addiction can come from one hit).
It is a reproach upon the leaders of the churches that labyrinth walking has found its way into the Body of Christ chiefly at the instigation of its shepherds.

A Native American Labyrinth - click for more info

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The Labyrinth, a medieval meditation tool, has become the center of an international spiritual movement. It is an archetype or divine imprint found in all religious traditions around the world
  • The labyrinth did not make its appearance in Christiananity  until about 350 AD. (after pagan practices and symbols were allowed into the church in order to encourage participation in the new official religion of Rome).











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