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Out of Zion....

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For out of Zion will go forth the law and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem....
During the first 1000 years of Christ's reign (and beyond), Israel will be the head nation and will be responsible for flooding the earth with the knowledge of Christ.
Those who survive the great tribulation and the judgment of the nations will know who the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is--but they will be giving birth to children who did not have first hand knowledge (as they will have) of these things. They will be responsible for teaching their children, and the teachings they will be passing on to their children will be coming out of Jerusalem.
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah all tell us that the millenial  worship of the Lord will include Holy Days, Sabbaths and Sacrifices (Isaiah 56:7, Jerimiah 33:17-18,  66:22-23, Ezekiel 40:38, Zechariah 14:11).
The sons of Zadok will be singled out and honored to serve as priests of the Lord during this time (Levites of other lineage will serve as ministers but will not come close to the Lord by offering sacrifices), but exactly who are the sons of Zadok, and why are they chosen to be honored so?
 Zadok was descended from Phinehas who was the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron. (Exodus 6:23-25, 1 Chronicles 24:3, 1 Chronicles 6:50-53).
Both of these men  (both Phinehas and Zadok) distinguished themselves greatly in the eyes of the Lord--and God doesn't overlook or forget about those who love and obey him--ever .
Just as David was promised that he would never lack a  man to sit on his throne, because Phinehas dared to stand for the Lord when no one else would (Numbers 25:6-9), he was promised an everlasting priesthood (the King James Bible is the only version that I know of that is consistent in translating the "everlastings." They are found throughout the Word of God in reference to the millenium and beyond--see "Bible Versions" in the navigation bar)
Among the descendants of Phinehas, the sons of Zadok were singled out to be the receptors of the everlasting priesthood and serve in the millenial temple (Zadok was a priest during the reign of David who distinguished himself by staying true to the Lord while others of the priestly line went astray ( Ezekiel 12-15, 1 Chronicles 24:3).   

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Question: If all these Holy Days, Sabbaths, and Sacrifices were POINTING to  the Christ Who was to come (as in the four Gospels), why would we  want to go back to them now that Christ has already entered history, walked  this earth, gave Himself for us, rose again, and ascended into Heaven? I'm thinking this would be a step in the wrong direction. blessings, Becky

Answer: Thank you Becky. I absolutely agree you that the scriptures teach the observances and sacrifices in the Law and the Feasts of the Lord all pointed to Christ.
You posed a very relevant question when you asked, "why would we want to go back to them now that Christ has already entered history, walked this earth, gave Himself  for us, rose again, and ascended into Heaven? I'm thinking this would be a step in the wrong direction."
My question in this concerns the context of Ezekiel chapters 40-44. In my personal studies, I came to the conclusion that Ezekiel was describing a "Millenial Temple." If that is the case, then the activities taking place there would apply to the Kingdom Age.
I know there are several schools of thought concerning Ezekiel's temple, but one of the most prevalent (and I believe most widely accepted by Biblical scholars) is that Ezekiel was describing a literal temple that would be built during the coming kingdom age.
Unger's Bible Handbook suggests that the observances and sacrifices taking place there will be "commemorative." I know that Isaiah (along with several other prophets) also teach that there will be commemorative observances  during the kingdom age
Excerp from original article:
>> Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah  all tell us that the millenial  worship
 of the Lord will include Holy Days,  Sabbaths and Sacrifices (Isaiah 56:7,
 Jerimiah 33:17-18,  66:22-23, Ezekiel 40:38,  Zechariah 14:11).<<

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