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Health And Prosperity Considerations

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If any man love the world...the love of the Father is not in him....

Remember our topic in this section is "Prospering Our Souls."
John didn't leave any room for compromise when he warned against loving the world and what it offers. If we love the world and what it offers--the love of the Father is not in us.
I'm sure many Christians do not think they love the world.
I met a lovely woman at a Bible study once who simply oozed the love of Jesus and the love of his word and did not cease praising him for the blessings he had brought into her life (via home, husband, family etc.).
But when the subject of Christ's appearing came up, this woman was adamant that she did not believe it would happen anytime at all in the near future. To her the fact of the Lord's return belonged in the misty haze of the far future.
I pondered this, as I wondered how someone who seemed to be so close to the Lord could be so bereft of discernment. The signs of the times are evident. Yet she could not see them.
The Holy Spirit showed me that she did not want his coming to be near, because she loved this present world so much.
As spiritual and loving as this woman appeared to be, the Word of God is plain on this, she did not possess the love of the Father.
If we want to prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper, we must give up the love of the world and the things in it.
Do you love the world and what it offers?
If you say--no, here is a good way to test your conclusion. How excited are you about the coming of the Lord? Do you long to see him appear? Or are you content for him to tarry a while longer?
If you are content for him to tarry--get on your face before God and ask him to deliver you from the love of the world and instill in you a love of the Father instead.
I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health
even as thy soul prospers.....

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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