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Katrina Commentary

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The sin in this country has reached levels where it would be difficult to understand if God didn't take some action against it.

We've been casting some very bad bread on the water for a very long time, and the Word of God is true in regards to reaping the harvest we sow.

This country has a lot to answer for in more than just one area.

In addition to the sin that is openly practiced, promoted and sanctioned by our leaders, we are responsible for many of the evils that have been permitted to flourish worldwide.

For instance, there would very likely be no Bamboo Curtain in China had our leaders not backed off and abandoned our ally Chang Kai Chek, and his nationalist troops, when the communists took over that country.

And the Bolsheviks and communists in Russia could never have accomplished what they did without American $$$ to bolster their bankrupted cause. 

Untold millions have suffered and died under these cruel regimes.

As soon as I read about the expulsion of the Jewish settlers in Gaza (August 17th ), I sent out an email with a warning to start mourning and weeping for what our leaders had just brought upon us in the USA. 

The Word of God is very specific concerning his promises to Abraham (and his physical descendants--the Jews).

One of the reasons (probably one of the only reasons) God has shown such mercy  towards our sinful nation is because we have been, up until now, Israel's staunch ally.


We may still be considered an ally, but we are certainly no longer staunch.


It is no coincidence that Katrina formed on the very day the Gaza expulsion was completed. 


That expulsion would, very likely, never have taken place without pressure from the U.S. .


Our leaders are walking on thin ice, in regards to their policies towards Israel, and all Americans will suffer the consequences if they do not repent. 

Link below to Message entitled "Weep"  posted to my groups on August 17, 2005


Take up a wailing over us...
for we have touched the apple of
God's eye

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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