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The Little Foxes...

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In the Song of Solomon, we are told it is the little foxes that spoil the vines--how would that relate to us and the prospering of our souls (that is directly related to our general state of health and prosperity)?
Butch and I had an opportunity to witness the little foxes in action recently as we were riding in a vehicle with another Christian couple.
This young couple would be considered by most anyone (including ourselves) to be good people. They are responsible, they don't lie, steal or cheat (that we know of). They are church goers (at least semi-regularly--room for improvement there), and they acknowledge God regularly. As with all of us, they are a work in progress, but on the whole decent folks.
As he was driving, the young husband ran a yellow light (don't we all from time to time?). It so happened that running yellow lights was illegal in his state--he did not know that, and a police officer promptly pulled him over.
At that point the little foxes got busy. The young wife immediately began lashing out in anger at her husband for being so careless, and, instead of being repentant,  he lashed back at her. 
We sat in the back seat silently praying about the sin we heard pouring out of their mouths.
In the midst of the sinful tongue lashing the young wife was giving to her careless unrepentant husband, the unrepentant wife uttered a prayer for mercy--Oh Lord, please don't let them give us a ticket.
Butch and I were fairly aghast at the total lack of conviction on either of their parts--and the audacity of the wife in asking God for mercy without repenting of her very sinful, self centered anger.
They got a ticket and didn't speak to each other the rest of the trip. I pray God will be able to convict them of these things as that is a part of the prospering of their souls that will bring health and prosperity into every area of their lives (spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially).
The scriptures tell us that if we cannot be faithful in the little, we won't be faithful in the much.
Self control, patience and Godliness are some of the things we are commanded in scripture to be adding to our faith. None of those things were in evidence as the blue lights were flashing behind this couple's car that night.
But since the husband admitted to never reading his Bible, because he didn't like to read, he can have no way of knowing how to prosper his soul. As for the wife, we cannot say.
We do know that Jesus admonished us all to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. We cannot depend upon the pastor or Sunday School teacher to tell us everything we need to know that pertains to life and Godliness. We must be feeding on the Word of God ourselves--not only to know what it says but to do what it says.
The scriptures tell us to be angry and sin not. This verse is abused by far too many who use no self control, patience or Godliness to restrain their sin of anger.
If no one has ever told you before, I will tell you now--most anger is sin.
And must be repented and gotten control of.
Jesus demonstrated a righteous anger when he ran the money changers and others out of the temple. His anger was not sinful, because he was zealous for God--not selfishly angry for himself.
All self-centered anger is sin.
Why was this young wife so angry with her husband for running a yellow light and getting them a ticket? Because it was going to cost them money. Perhaps it was going to put them in a bind financially because they were overextended, or perhaps she had been making plans for spending some money on something specific, and now her husband just ruined those plans. We have no way of knowing, because we didn't ask. 
Either way, the anger was selfish and sinful, because the focus was on the loss of money rather than the provision of God and the opportunity to exhibit self control and show graciousness godliness (respect and patience) to her husband.
The husband's anger was self-centered and sinful, because he not only showed no grace towards his wife as she lashed out at him, but was very disrespectful towards her and also, no repentance whatsoever for breaking the law.
Why have I focused an entire article on this seemingly small incident?
Because it is the little foxes that spoil the vines. The little fox of anger isn't really so little. One of the biggest causes of divorce is unresolved anger. Anger is extremely hard on our physiology, and is the cause of many illnesses, some of them terminal.
The sin of anger must be repented of and gotten rid of. It has no place in the life of any Christian.
If anger is an issue on your life, and you have been wondering why more of God's blessings haven't been evident in your life--stop looking at your spouse, employer, situation or any other external source.
Deal with your anger!
Confess it -- agree with God that your anger is not righteous. Ask for forgiveness.
Renounce (by the authority of Jesus Christ) -- any generational curses of anger you may have inherited through parents or ancestors. You don't want them. You don't have to live with them any longer.
Rebuke -- any foul spirits of anger (yes, there are actual evil spirits that specialize in this area) that may be helping instigate, agitate and capitalize on every opportunity to cause you to fall in this area.
Ask the Holy Spirit -- to empower you to walk free from anger (you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you).
After you do these things -- you will fail from time to time (more at the beginning than later) -- Repeat the process every time even if it means repenting renouncing, rebuking and asking the Holy Spirit for help several times a day at first -- Don't give up!
God is faithful and his word is true.
Don't let the little foxes continue to spoil your vines and interfere with the prospering of your soul.

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