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Malachi 1:2-3 illustrates clearly God's definition of Love and Hate.
Jacob he loved--how do we know that? Do we discern a warm fuzzy emotion emanating from God? No, God's love was demonstrated and revealed in his actions. He blessed and divinely protected Jacob.
Esau he hated--how do we know that--Is God eaten up with a destructive murderous emotion towards Esau? No, God is love.
Hatred is demonstrated through actions as well as love.
Do we claim to love someone but continually treat them badly--remorseful about it or not--we do not love that person--because love is not a noun (person place or thing ie., warm fuzzy emotion).
Love is a verb--an action word. 
Love is as love does
Hate is as hate does


Journal Entries November 30, 2005

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Malachi 3:11

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 Millenial Promise To National Israel
Malachi 3:1, 12
All "nations" shall call you (Israel 3:1) blessed... Israel will have an exalted status among the nations (that survive the "Judgment of the Nations') during the first 1000 years of Christ's reign here on earth.


The Devourer
Malachi 3:11
The Devourer is a "he"
The devil is as a roaring lion seeking who he may "devour"
How does the Devourer devour?
car breaks down
plumbing messes up 
Always a financial struggle and we can't figure it out
Etc., Etc., Etc....
But For Our Sakes the Devourer is Rebuked
(The obedient ones)
The fruits of our ground won't be corrupted (can we attach a spiritual connotation to this as well--as in "ye shall know them by their fruits--I have ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit--that your fruit should remain [no aborted fruit]?).

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Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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