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Repent-the Kingdom of Heaven
Is At Hand
Matthew 4:17
How did Jesus train those he would be entrusting to carry on the work of building the church after he was gone?
He taught them to preach repentance in preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven--which was at hand.
We know that the kingdom of God consists of peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost.
We know that the Kingdom of God is within us, because Jesus is within us--and he is the King.
We are still waiting for that kingdom which is still to come (Matthew 6), and I believe that is what Jesus was referring to when he taught his disciples to preach the gospel of the Kingdom, and that the Kingdom was at hand.
That kind of time frame baffles our finite minds--how could something be at hand that was promised 2000 years ago and isn't here yet?
How could John be shown things that would shortly come to pass, but have not come to pass yet--2000 years later (Revelation 1:1)?
Because one day with the Lord is a 1000 years,
and 1000 years is as one day.
He simply doesn't operate with the same time
costrictions as we do.
He inhabits eternity.

Open Visions - December 8, 2005

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Open Visions
God gives visions, but there is no doubt the devil gives visions also.
In fact, Satan gave Jesus an open vision (see Matthew 4:7).
How do we see Jesus dealing with the lies Satan was trying to draw him in with?
It is written.
But the sad fact is, that today, most of the people who are promoting dreams and visions, are also so deficient in knowledge of the Word of God, and so rebellious against it, that they openly call it "just a bunch of facts." And their favorite label for those who love, and adhere to, the written Word of God is... "pharisee."
Not only that, but they are great proponents of the lie that the written Word of God is un-important in determining whether or not a dream or vision is truly from God--giving a subjective emotion supremacy to the expressed Word and Will of almighty God. 
That is dangerous ground to be on--thin ice.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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