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Testing For...


Peace Love Unity


Would Jesus have passed?

Matthew 12:34


Would John the Baptist have passed?

Matthew 3:7

No Advocate!

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No Advocate!


Can you imagine attending a court hearing where a final decision will be made determining your future for all time and having no advocate?


At the judgment seat of Christ, Jesus will be both judge and advocate—we will stand before the judge well represented, but those who must appear the White Throne Judgement, will do so without an advocate.



The peace love and unity test. Would Jesus have passed it? Matthew 12:34 Would John the Baptist have passed it? Matthew 3:7


Signs are given, but they are not to be sought after. Matthew 12:38-39

Signs are given
but they are not to be
sought after
Matthew 12:38-39


Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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