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Journal Entry February 21, 2006

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Today's "On Track" Bible Reading Begins At
Mark 4:33

I dreamed a dream last night in which, I believe, the Holy Spirit gave me both a warning and direction.
I dreamed our town started flooding, and I was standing with several people at an intersection waiting for the light to change.
But we weren't planning on crossing the street.
So I didn't understand why we didn't simply turn right at the intersection and continue up the main road regardless of what the light did.
It did occur to me that they might know something I didn't, but I decided to ignore that thought.
All I know is that I looked up the side road we were standing next to and realized that it not only ran parallel to the main road, but it also angled into it a few blocks down.
It was a slight detour, but it led to the main road.
Because I did not want to wait on the light to turn, I made the decision to leave the group and abandon the main road.
I took my bicycle and struck out on my own.
Within just a few minutes it started getting dark and the water was getting higher. It was up around my ankles.
When I came to the place where the side road angled towards the main road, I found that the entire area was under water.
At this point, I felt I had to continue forward and try and wade through. So I did.
Very quickly the ground under my feet lost its solidity and became slimy and mushy.
Then without warning, I was in deep water over my head.
Somehow my bicycle floated (remember the ax head?), and I swam.
I got out of the flood, but I had lost one of my shoes and I had learned a lesson.
I said out loud to myself, "When you're in a flood, stick to the main road!"
The Bible speaks about the enemy coming in like a flood. Often when we dream of deep water, it is indicative of an enemy attack.
I know in this dream I was being warned that the enemy was going to try and flood me out, but that I should stick to the main road (God's written Word--proven paths) and wait for the light (direction from the Holy Spirit) before making a move.

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