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Many sincere Christians have failed in their attempts to live for God and end up falling back into old sins because… they rebel against God by setting up their own ideas of what God's righteousness consists of.


(Romans 10:2-3 deals with the subject of refusing to submit to the righteousness of God which he gives to us in his son Christ Jesus.)


When we refuse to submit to the righteousness of God through Jesus, this is equal to rebelling against God.


Refusing to submit to the righteousness of God, which is freely given, to all his children, through Christ Jesus always leads to the issue of control.


This is very important to understand because...


If God is not in control--who is?


The scriptures tell us we fight not against flesh and blood…Ephesians 6:12


It is never “just us”


There is a certain spiritual matrix (a place or enveloping element in which something originates, takes form or develops)  which is always present in a person prone to addiction or other compulsive sinful behavior.



Understand This

There is no such thing as an “addictive personality.”  This is a humanistic, psychological, unscriptural concept


What we are dealing with is the scriptural admonition against sins that easily beset us.


These sins are always accompanied by a team of predatory devils who attempt to establish new strongholds and re-establish and further develop any strongholds already existing in our lives.


One of these devils is a spirit of rebellion.


This spirit is always present and active in the lives of all who struggle with sin of any sort.


How do we know this?

Anytime we attempt to escape and release the pressure in our lives by any means other than submitting to the pressure and allowing God to work his righteousness in our lives through the pressure (which may cause us temporary/severe discomfort), we are rebelling against the will of God.


Where there is rebellion – be assured, there is a demonic

spirit of rebellion

actively working with its cohorts to strengthen any other strongholds that may be present in our lives.



But the weapons of our warfare are…


through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4



Understanding the Stronghold of Rebellion is the first step to getting free from sins that easily beset us.


Rebellion is a sin equated in the scriptures with witchcraft 


1 Samuel 15:23



Anytime we seek to control our own lives (and attempt to manipulate the lives and actions of other persons or situations) instead of trusting the Lord to accomplish his will, we are entering into...

 the dangerous arena of rebellion

which the scriptures tell us is the same as witchcraft.


Powerful spirits are all too available (and willing) to assist us in destroying (at the very least hindering the work of God in) our lives and the lives of others through this stronghold.



How To Be Free From This Stronghold 

        First we must get honest and agree with God that we have been walking in the sin of rebellion and sincerely repent.


        Renounce and rebuke controlling spirits of rebellion and witchcraft by the authority all children of God have in Jesus Christ. Request prayer from others who are experienced in spiritual warfare. Ask them to lay hands on you and pray for you.


        In order to stay free, we must be vigilant not to allow this sin back into our lives (the devil always attempts to regain access).


Become willing to become accountable for behavior.

Get an accountability partner.


Ask the Holy Spirit's help to continue walking in victory over this sin


Obedience and submission to God, his righteousness and legitimate authority is the only way to remain free of the stronghold of rebellion.


This includes not only legal authority and our parents (while we are still in our minority), but also recognizing and submitting to our spiritual leadership.



 God gives us continued protection from the stronghold of rebellion only through submission to all legitimate authority.


Even if that authority is imperfect... selah

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click here to View & Print a Free Brochure of this Article

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