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Contemplative prayer (an unbiblical form of meditation which  is not really prayer at all) has been defined by proponents of it as prayer that focuses on intimacy with God.


What does the Bible say on the subject of intimacy with God?


One scripture that comes to my mind is proverbs 3:32, which says for the froward is abomination to the Lord: but his secret is with the righteous.


There is no modern English equivalent for the old English word forward, which means perversity, fraud, change, to the contrary, tortuous. I believe it is a reflection on the morality of our culture that we no longer find a need for such a word in our language and have allowed it to fall into disuse. But let’s take a closer look at a word in this verse that has not fallen into disuse, and which has everything to do with the subject of intimacy with God, the word “secret.”


We think we know what this word means, but in the King James Bible, in reference to Proverbs 3:32, most, I dare say the majority of us, do not. The word “secret” in this verse is referring to the “intimate counsel of the Lord.”


If we never read another scripture referring to intimacy with God, it is clear from reading Proverbs 3:32 that disobedience will thwart intimacy with God and obedience to God will promote it.


If we really want intimacy with God, that is where we should begin—by being both hearers and doers of the known will of God as revealed in his written word—the Bible.


Those who seek intimacy with God by embracing doctrines of demons and unbiblical forms of meditation may find intimacy with a god (a spirit of whoredoms [Hosea 4:12, 5:4]) but never with the God.


The intimate counsel of God is with the righteous.

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