Lying Wonders--An Eye Witness

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Butch and I recently met with a pastor who wanted to know when we had last seen a "miracle."

He asked us that question, because he wanted to share the “miracle” he had performed. In fact, this particular “miracle” was one this pastor performed on a routine basis.

I should also specify that this pastor was quick to inform us that he was an “apostle” as well as a “prophet.”

He told us a man came to his church who was having trouble believing in God. He asked the man that if he saw a “miracle,” would he then believe? The man said yes.

It turns out this man was in constant pain from a twisted spine.

Instead of asking God to heal the twisted spine, though, this pastor/apostle/prophet asked the man to sit in a chair and extend his legs straight out in front of him.

The apostle then proceeded to diagnose the man as having one leg shorter than the other (the man’s physicians had never made this diagnosis). Then everyone watched as the shorter leg “grew.”

The unbelieving man claimed he was pain free and now believed in God. However he did not give his life to Christ that night (or after that to anyone's knowledge). Whether he remains pain free we do not know.

I have personally been present and witnessed what has been described above. I have been present in services where nearly everyone who experienced any pain (in their back, hips or legs) was diagnosed by the one running the meeting as having one leg shorter than the other. I have watched as the leg grew. I personally know some of the people whose legs were lengthened and received immediate relief from pain. I also know for a fact that within a few weeks the pain returned--to every one of them (all who I knew personally)

This leg lengthening “miracle” has been making its rounds in the church for 20 years (at least). I first witnessed it at a women’s retreat in 1988. I discerned then it was a “lying wonder—spirits of devils working miracles—a magicians trick  (see Exodus 7:11-12, 22, 8:7, Revelation 16:14, 2 Thessalonians 2:9).

Can God cause a shorter leg to “grow” if that is truly the problem? Of course he can. But here are some things to consider when witnessing this phenomenon:

        Does the minister who performs this “miracle” do it on a regular basis? I.e., is it just part of his or her routine? If that is the case, beware—you are most likely witnessing a lying wonder. DO NOT let that person lay hands on you! Spirits are transferred that way.

        Has the person who has a limb lengthened ever been diagnosed by a physician as having one leg shorter than the other? That is something they would know about (and would most likely be wearing special shoes or inserts for). In the situations I have witnessed, the people having a limb lengthened have all been completely surprised to hear that was their problem!

 It is very unlikely that 90% of the population has one leg shorter than the other (especially without knowing about it), but that seems to be the case at these “leg lengthening” sessions where most everyone in the prayer line has that problem.

In these last days we are seeing a great increase in spiritual activity and phenomenon. These manifestations are not all coming from the Spirit of God. In fact, I venture to say, due to the condition of the church (in not enduring sound doctrine), very little of what is going on is coming from the Spirit of God. Jesus warned us to expect to encounter those performing miraculous signs and lying wonders in his name (Matthew 7:22).

And he also warned us…not to be deceived.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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