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# 12-B Judgement of the Nations P-2

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There are many scriptures that refer to the judgement of the nations that will take place when Christ returns. The
following are just a few examples:

The gathering of the nations for judgement:
Matthew 25:32-34 Isaiah 43:5-9,56:8,66:18

Adminstrators of Christ's government: Matthew 19:28

Angelic involvement in the gathering and the judgement:
Mark 13:27, Matthew 24:31,13:39,41,49

The 45 days: Daniel 12:1-12

Other scriptures that refer to this judgement:
Matthew 13:37-43,49-50,25:31-46
Ezekiel 20:37-38
Proverbs 29:16
Isaiah 2:4,45:20-

Everyone surviving the great tribulation will pass under the "rod" of judgement after the battle of Armegeddon. At this time the just and unjust alike will bow their knee to Christ and confess that he is YHWH to the glory of God the Father. Romans 14:10-11 Isaiah 45:20-24 Phillipians 2:9-11

Just as those who took the mark of the beast not only professed allegiance to the man of sin but worshipped him as almighty God as well; all who are living at the return of Christ will be compelled to renounce all false gods and false Christs and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord of Lords and the God of gods.

That confession however, will not necessarily grant the confessor entrance into Christ's kingdom.

All who received the mark of allegiance to the antichrist during the great tribulation are automatically doomed. There are no second chances. They will be compelled to acknowledge the true identity and Lordship of Jesus Christ, but they will not survive the Judgement of the nations.

They will be thrown into the lake of fire that already contains the beast and his false prophet. Revelation 14:9-11

Upon what other criteria will the survivors of the great tribulation be judged?

Matthew 25:34-40 lists the requirements for being granted entrance into Christ's earthly kingom; Those that saw him hungry and fed him; those that saw him thisty and gave him something to drink; those who took him in even though he was a stranger; those who saw him naked and clothed him; those who cared for him when he was sick and in prison.

In this passage Jesus vividly describes the plight of the tribulation saint (jew and gentile alike). These people will be hungry, thirsty, without shelter, without proper clothing and imprisoned. It will be illegal for anyone to aid them during this time of trouble (in or out of prison).

He'll be asked by those being judged, "when did we do these things for you?" And they will be told that when they did it unto the "least of" those his "brethren," it was the same as doing it unto Christ himself.

Who are christ's brethren?

Jesus tells us that "whoever" does the will of the Father is his mother, sister and his "brother." Matthew 12:50

The Jewish people will be included in the definition of Christ's brethren during the great tribulation (remember, Jesus is a Jew), as they will be an especially persecuted group during the reign of the antichrist, and they will be given supernatual assistance from God during this time of terror. Revelation 12:14, Daniel 12:1

It is obvious that there will be those who refuse to take the mark of the beast for reasons other than faith in Christ. Perhaps they will be clinging to their own faith or belief. The scriptures do not say. What the scriptures do make clear is that there will be some of these
who survive the judgement of the nations because (even though they did not have a belief in Christ) they had compassion on the suffering Jewish people and the followers of Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself tells us in Matthew 25 that those who pass under the rod of his judgement after the battle of Armageddon will be granted or denied entrance into his kingdom based upon their treatment of the tribulation saints and the Jewish people.

Isaiah elaborates a little more on this when he says that the nation or kingdom that will not acknowledge Israel as the head nation will perish. Isaiah 60:12

Only those acknowledge and will swear allegience to Israel as the head nation will survive the judgement of the nations. Isaiah 60:14

The man of sin will have a special hatred in his heart for the Jews and Christians, and will set out to destroy them completely. He will make Adolf Hitler's "final solution" look like child's play. Revelation 12:19, Matthew 24:21, Daniel 7:25

Those who will not assist Christ's "brethren" in their time of deperate need will be cursed and banished forever from the presence of God. Their place will be found in the lake of fire where the Beast and the false prophet will also be.
Matthew 25:41, Revelation 19:20,20:10,14:9-11

This will be a terrifying time of judgement. Jesus said there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from those condemned and denied entrace into his kingdom.
Matthew 13:42,50,8:11-12

It is impossible to describe the emotional fear and torment which will result in millions of people weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth. And the scriptures say this emotional torment will "never" be relieved. These unfortunates will have "no rest" day or night - forever.
Revelation 14:11

People today will do "anything" they possibly can to find relief from emotional torment. For sleeplessnes, depression, fear and anxiety they turn to physicians and medications: anti-depressants, alcohol, illegal drugs or sexually immoral habits and behavior. Some are so
desperate for releif they take their own lives.

Aside from the physical torments of Hell, everyone who dies without belonging to Jesus Christ is comdemning themselves to an eternity of indescribable "emotional" torment. There will be no access to the medications or behaviors (or anything aside from Christ) that are being used at this time to bring relief from emotional distress. And
it will then be too late to turn to Christ for help.

They will want to die, but will be faced with the awful realization that death is not a cessation of existence, but rather a "separation"
from the the only source of true peace that exists.

Those unfortunate ones who will be condemned at the judgement of the nations will be pleading for their "lives." Many of those condemned will have mascaraded as ministers of Christ during the reign of the antichrist, deceiving many by the miracles they performed. Now they
will be found reminding Jesus of all the mighty works they did in "his" name. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, Revelation 13:13-14,16:14 2 Thessalonians 2:9, Matthew 7:21-22,             2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Jesus will deny ever "knowing" them. Matthew 7:23

What did Jesus mean by the words, I never "knew" you?

Was he saying here that he was not aware of these people's existence?

Of course he knew of their existence! He was aware of "every detail" of their existence. He was their creator. He knew "all about" them. And yet he tells them I never "knew" you. The Word of God tells us "knowing" Jesus entails much more than just "taking in" a lot of "information" (knowledge) about him. We can know all "about" him and never know him.

Knowing all "about" someone is not the same as knowing them.

We can thoroughly research everything that can be found out about the President of the United States. We can know so much about him that we could be certified as experts on knowing all about this person. But even with all that knowledge would we claim to have a relationship with this person? could we honestly say we "know" them? And if we
ever meet this person could he say "I know you," based on all the study and knowledge we have taken in concerning him?

Of course not!

The scriptures say that eternal life can only be gained by "knowing" Jesus Christ. Matthew 7:23

If anyone belongs to an organization which says anything different from what Jesus says about this, "do not fear them" or their threats of excommunication to anyone who rejects their teachings. Jesus Christ (the resurrected Son of God) alone saves, and "no one" can pluck you out of his hand. Turn to Jesus and receive salvation "today."
Romans 10:9-10,13, John 10:27-29

when the judgement of the nations is complete, Jesus Christ will be recognized as the undisputed King of kings , and a new era of unprecidented peace will begin...

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