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Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy
holy city to...

"Finish the transgression..."

The word translated "finish" in Daniel 9:24 means literally to finish/restrict/hold back/prohibit.

The first purpose of the seventy weeks is to restrict, prohibit, hold back - finish "the transgression."

Is this speaking of the great transgression? Adam's transgression?

I don't believe so, as this passage is dealing only with Daniel's people (Jews) and Daniel's holy city (Jerusalem)(Daniel 9:24).

The transgression in Daniel 9:24 is referring to "Jewish" transgression. Not Jewish sin in general but a specific Jewish transgression in particular. One that has a beginning and must run its full course to the end.

"The transgression" referred to in Daniel 9:24 began with the rejection (on a national level) of Jesus Christ as
the Messiah of Israel.

The religious/political leadership of that nation rejected him, then the common people rejected him (all the people cried - crucify him!)

Jesus told them that not only would they reject him, but when the false messiah came (man of sin/anti-christ/beast/assyrian) they would accept him as Messiah (John 5:43).

"The transgression" that began with the rejection of Jesus Christ as Messiah (John 5:43 John 18:38-40 Mark 15:11-15)will reach its completion when the false messiah is accepted by the nation of Israel.

Isaiah 28:14-18 gives a brief overview of what happens at that time.

Israel will enter into a disastrous treaty with this false messiah (covenant with hell and death)and the only thing that will ultimately save her is that her husband (God - her maker) will disannul her agreement (according to the law - Isaiah 54:4-8/Numbers 30:8-9).

"The transgression" which had its beginning at the crucifixion of the true Messiah will be finished when the covenant with the false messiah is disannulled.

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