69th Week
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Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks...Daniel 9:25

Isaiah prophesied concerning Cyrus (the King of Persia who would give the command to rebuild Jerusalem) 150 years before his birth. He called him by name (Isaiah 44:28,

See the fulfillment of that in (Ezra 1:1, 5:9-17, 6:1-5)

The 70 weeks have their beginning at the commandment of Cyrus.

According to Daniel 9:25-26 Christ was crucified at the very end of the 69th week (483 years later).

That only leaves one more week (the 70th) in which all the things listed in verse 24 are to be brought to fulfillment.(Daniel 27 shows there is one week left).

According to Daniel 9:26, Christ was cut off at the end of the 483rd year.

When Israel rejected the true Messiah (at the end of the 69th week/483rd year) God rejected them from being a nation - shortly, 40 years or so later - Jerusalem was sacked, the Jews were scattered and until the year 1948 were never recognized officially as a nation again.

Now remember, the seventy weeks are determined upon the Jews and their holy city, Jerusalem.

The time clock for the 70 weeks temporarily stopped ticking at the end of the 69th week when Messiah was cut off
(The 70th week is still future).

It will not begin ticking again until two things happen:

1. The Jews must reside in their own land (which they do)
2. God must begin dealing with them "nationally" again. (he isn't yet).

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