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Another group member asked the following question:

>>Why start with Daniel's 70 weeks as you do, why not look at the overall pattern in the Scriptures for determining the beginning and end of the 70 weeks?<<

Because the context of the passage is very clear as to when the 70 weeks began and when they will end.

The commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25) started the clock ticking away the minutes of the seventy weeks.

Cyrus issued that command.

(Isaiah prophesied that Cyrus would do that in Isaiah 44:27 and in Isaiah 45)

The fact that Darius re-confirmed it later had no effect whatsoever on the original time table.

There is only one 70 weeks.

The 70 weeks will not end until the 6 purposes for the 70 weeks (listed in Daniel 9:24 are completely fulfilled).

And those will not be completely fulfilled until Christ returns.

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