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How important, to our over-all faith, is having a good understanding of biblical prophecy? The answer to that question is, that it is critically important.



Is Our Eschatology Getting In The Way of Our Faith?

In one of his early books, a very popular so-called “Christian writer” wrote that although he had plenty of scripture to back up what he was writing, he wasn’t going to use very much in his book.


He said he did this because he wanted the reader to “commune with the spirit for confirmation of the truth—not just read a bunch of facts."


Although the Bible is certainly a factual book, is that all it is—just a bunch of facts?


I ask you also, is it right to elevate any subjective spiritual experience above the factual truth of the Bible?


In the same book, this writer also affirmed the importance, to our over-all faith, of having a correct understanding of Biblical Prophecy. That would certainly have been a good thing had he not minimized the basic scriptural teaching that Christ came the first time to save—and his people are commanded to obey the scriptural mandate to win as many souls as possible before he comes the second time to rule—as only a popular view (this person also teaches that evangelical soul-winners are the most pathetic, least spiritually developed, of all Christians).


I was personally present when another pastor, who espouses more than one doctrine of demons, said this to his congregation, “Some of you are letting your eschatology get in the way of your faith”—I.e., unless you change your mind about what you believe concerning Biblical Prophecy, I cannot indoctrinate you into the counterfeit faith that I am teaching.



Is Or Isn’t God Interested In Impressing Us With His Ability To Foretell The Future?

In an effort to undermine the acquisition of sound doctrine concerning Biblical Prophecy, one false teacher stated that God wasn't interested in, “impressing us with his ability to foretell the future.”


That statement could not be further from the truth and is diabolically opposed to the written Word of God which tells us it is exactly that ability which we can look to, and depend on, for proof that our God is indeed the only true God, and his written Word is indeed the only standard by which we can measure what is, and what is not...truth (Isaiah 48:3-5).


Biblical prophecy is not found only in the Book of Revelation and in the writings of the prophets. It is found throughout the Bible—literally in every book. It is so intricately linked to our faith, that a wrong view of it can become a very dangerous thing—even leading to defection (apostasy) from the true faith.


While a correct view of Biblical prophecy, considerably strengthens and affirms our faith and ability to remain steadfast, faithful, and busy about the Father’s business, even in the most difficult of times.




Many people (and organizations) who claim to be God’s spokes-people tend to claim a monopoly on interpreting Biblical Prophecy. They build doctrines by taking the erroneous approach of, “The scriptures say this, but they really mean this...” They convince unsuspecting, hungry hearts, that the scriptures do not speak plainly but in all places must be understood according to their anointed interpretation.


In my youth, because I had questions, and it appeared they had answers, I was almost lured into such an organization. I did not hate the truth, but I was in full-scale rebellion against what I thought constituted being a good Christian. After many years of living a defeated, backslidden life, I found myself in a fearful state of desperation. I was terrified of going to hell, but I was convinced I was going there, so I decided to do away with hell altogether by doing away with God. I did my level best to become an atheist.


But God is merciful, and did not allow that goal to come to fruition. After thoroughly repenting and finally coming to the knowledge of the truth through consistently, systematically and prayerfully reading my Bible, I realized my case was not unique. Many people (even those who may already belong to Christ) are lured into religious cults, or follow false teachers, or end up turning their backs on God entirely, because they are searching, frustrated and hungry, and no one is feeding them good food or discipling them properly.


The scriptural response to any person, movement or organization that claims to be indispensable to our understanding and application of the scriptures (or that the scriptures are not the only authority by which to gauge all doctrine and utterances) is this:


The written Word of God gives all the information needed that pertains to life and godliness, and we do not need anyone’s anointed, extra-scriptural, interpretation of it in order to understand and apply it to our lives. The Holy Spirit promises He will teach us.”


This position is based the following:


Thy Word is Truth (Jesus was speaking of the Written Word of God in this verse—John 17:17).


But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him (1 John 2:27).


God gave ministry gifts to the church in the form of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. These ministry gifts were not given because the saints are incapable of understanding the word and will of God without their leader’s exclusive and anointed interpretation, but for the purpose of equipping the saints (every believer) to do the work of the ministry.


One of the most common ways a false teacher, prophet or organization establishes supremacy over others is to claim that without their anointed interpretation, and extra-scriptural revelation, the Word (and will) of God cannot be fully understood.


The best way to protect ourselves against being deceived by such as these is to prayerfully read our Bible—everyday—always picking up today where we left off yesterday. A King James Bible with no footnotes is recommended.




Many scripture references will be provided for this study, and they will all be taken from the King James Version of the Bible—which this writer, after much research, is convinced is absolutely reliable.


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Jocelyn Andersen was almost lured into a religious cult, because  she had questions, and it appeared they had answers. She didn't hate the truth. She just didn't know what it was or how to find it.

Finally, in desperation, she decided to do away with religion altogether and become an atheist.

After learning the truth of Jesus Christ and his wonderful word, she realized her case was not unique. Many people join religious cults or turn their backs on God because they are searching, frustrated and hungry...

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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