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Let this Word of the Lord, which was from the beginning, stop the Mouths of all that oppose Women's Speaking in the Power of the Lord; for he hath put Enmity between the Woman and the Serpent; and if the Seed of the Woman speak not, the Seed of the Serpent speaks; for God hath put Enmity between the two Seeds; and it is manifest, that those that speak against the Woman and her Seed's Speaking, speak out of the Envy of the old Serpent's Seed. And God hath fulfilled his Word and his Promise, When the fulness of time was come, he sent forth his Son, made of a Woman, made under the Law, that we might receive the Adoption of Sons, Gal. 4. 4, 5.  ...Margaret Fell, Co-founder Society of Friends (Quakers)

The scriptures tell us that in the last days there will be a great army of women  proclaiming the word of God...psalms 68:11 (When that passage is studied in the Hebrew, it reveals that the company publishing the word is a company composed of females)

Equality For Christian Women

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"...If indeed there is in Christ Jesus "neither male nor female," but in all touching his kingdom "they are one," who shall dare thrust woman out of the Church's operations, or presume to put my candle, which God has lighted, under a bushel?"   Cathrine Booth, Co-founder Salvation Army

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Woman this is War: Gender, Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System of Complementarianism from FreeCWC on Vimeo.

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Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence

And it shall come to pass in the last days that I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy...acts 2:17

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Articles & Comments Concerning Gender Issues, Women in the Church, and Domestic Abuse

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Domestic Abuse/Violence Among Christians

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